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How to sell more properties with fewer face-to-face visits



Selling more properties with fewer visits in today’s hyper-connected world requires the application of new real estate marketing techniques. The average client has very different habits to a few decades ago and carrying out a transaction or sale without first having browsed a large selection of properties is now unheard of. 

This is why one of the challenges facing real estate professionals is to sell properties and reduce visits at the same time: not only does this improve the comfort and satisfaction of the client, who will only travel when he or she is sure of finding the desired property, but it also optimises the agency’s resources, as no time is wasted through agents attending unproductive visits.

This challenge is not at all unfeasible today. Now, with new technologies, we can offer different alternatives so that the client can discard flats without having to make the obligatory visit that requires balancing agendas with the agents. But what options are there in this respect?


How to sell more properties with fewer visits

The power of first impressions through property files

The client is digital, and APIs and agencies must live up to their expectations if they want to sell more properties through this medium (which is the most resourceful in this regard). It is no longer enough to settle for advertising on Internet property portals. We must go further, facilitating the search for properties with developed search engines, which refine the results to exactly what the user is looking for.

On the other hand, we cannot forget that most of the searches for properties for sale or rent are carried out through high-resolution smartphones, and the quality of the information that appears in the files does not always correspond to how we can realistically visualise it.

There is no doubt that the use of good resolution and quality photos helps to sell properties. In addition to speeding up operations, we can see that customers are more satisfied with the appearance of the property without being sceptical, and without having to confirm their doubts with a visit. This is why we must avoid being ambiguous at all costs and using low-quality resources in the presentation of each property.

Fortunately, today there are more sophisticated solutions, mostly supported by technology. We are talking, for example, about 360 degree panoramic property tours, which offer a totally innovative experience and much richer than the classic facade and interior images that traditional real estate agencies have accustomed us to.

Offering clients virtual tours is an alternative to classic galleries of 2D images, which will replace the face-to-face visit at least in the first phase of the search. One of the advantages of this solution is that from the Floorfy editor the real estate agencies themselves can create the virtual tours without depending on third parties. It is a powerful tool that helps us differentiate ourselves from the competition and that positions us in the market as more competitive, without the need to invest a large sum of money.

With the same editor, another option is to create videos of the properties. It is very useful, especially for obtaining more engagement on social networks and portals. Something similar to the use of virtual reality.


Carry out remote visits

Just as we use WhatsApp or Zoom video calling to communicate more efficiently on a personal level, we can utilise these models professionally. Through Floofy you can program remote visits in which you can be present with your agent and the family members you wish to see simultaneously, and you can see flats while the professional gives you the appropriate explanations.

The client thus has a totally personalized premium service, included within the services of the agency, and all this without the inconvenience of moving from home and taking up your precious time. That is to say, an efficient and practical way of being able to comply with what every agency wants: to sell more properties with fewer visits.


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