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Automatic real estate commercial videos

Invest in the latest technology in the real estate sector and see the improvement in your property positioning on real estate portals.

Invest in the latest technology in the real estate sector and see the improvement in your property positioning on real estate portals.


What is a commercial video?

Commercial real estate videos are videos that offer a tour of a property for sale or for rent. They can be repeated to ensure a client has seen every detail of the property. A voice-over or music can be added, as well as a real estate agency’s watermark and you can make it as creative as you like.

These videos can then be used in real estate portals as another tool to help sell properties and improve your positioning.


Why do we use commercial videos?

Having a commercial video on your property listing could be the decisive factor in a potential buyer’s decision. The video adds much more detail to a listing and is a crucial marketing tool.

  • You can post the commercial video anywhere – on a real estate portal, on social media or advertisements.
  • A property listing is instantly more attractive when adding videos and photos instead of text alone. Things like a voice over, music or 3D rendering will help enhance your video, here are some examples of good videos.
  • You will boost the positioning of a property on a real estate portal when you add a commercial video, alongside additional features such as photos and a virtual tour.
  • Properties sell more quickly when they feature commercial videos. Clients know exactly what they are going to see before making the physical visit, which greatly speeds up the sales process.
  • Reduce the number of necessary visits. For real estate agents, adding a commercial video to their site can reduce the amount of physical visits to a property required by clients, who can take part in these tours from anywhere.
  • An estate agent can add a personal touch to the video, by adding their own watermark.


How do you make commercial videos with Floorfy?

The first step in producing a commercial video is to take 360º photographs of a property.

Make sure you prepare the property before taking the 360º photographs. Handy tips include taking these photos at time of the day when it is most light, with all doors and windows open, and decluttering the house as much as possible.

If you have any doubts, check out our video on ‘How to take 360 degree photos of a property’. Furthermore, to find out more on how to prepare a property for photos, check out our post on ‘How to make sure a home looks great in estate agency photos’.

Once you have taken these photos, upload them to the Floorfy editor and wait for the magic to happen, as a virtual tour and commercial video is generated by the team. These commercial videos can be shared easily and accessed on any platform.

If you want to learn more about creating commercial videos for your real estate portfolio, don’t hesitate in getting in contact with us on


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