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How to choose the best real estate portal

Knowing how to choose the perfect real estate portal is decisive for the success of your commercial strategy. This type of platform allows you to give your property portfolio a lot of visibility, and even to divide it according to the public that is ...

Knowing how to choose the perfect real estate portal is decisive for the success of your commercial strategy. This type of platform allows you to give your property portfolio a lot of visibility, and even to divide it according to the public that is interested in buying your property. In order to use them to your advantage, you need to know how they can be used strategically.


How do real estate portals work?

The first thing to be aware of is how the portal works. They are not the same and, consequently, the profile of customers they appeal to is also different. It’s not normal for platforms to have exclusivity agreements, so if you want to guarantee the visibility of your properties, you can always choose several. The trick to getting it right is to select the ones that best fit your way of working.


Featured pages

These are the most traditional, as before the appearance of specific portals they were used most widely. In their day, they were an online evolution of posts like Segundamano or the word-for-word ad sections of newspapers. Today they are macroportals, where people can buy and sell any kind of goods and services.

The most well-known is Milanuncious, although this category also includes Facebook Marketplace or Wallapop. These pages tend to be free, and you only have to pay if you want to appear in one of the top positions. Its main advantage is the traffic they attract, although one of their disadvantages is their broad-brush nature.


Specific real estate websites

These are portals specialized in the sector that exclusively post listings for properties, premises and other types of real estate. Although they usually let you place some test ads free of charge, professionals have to pay. You can also get a privileged position and get to appear in the first positions, newsletters, etc.

The most popular ones in Spain are Idealista, Fotocasa, Yaencontre or Habitaclia, although there are also other specific ones for luxury properties, rural properties and commercial premises. These are not as popular and have less traffic, but they will be very useful when you are working with a special property, as they will do the narrowing down for you.


How much does it cost to post in a real estate portal?

As we have seen, the costs you face to post this kind of advertisement vary a lot. In the case of classified sites, you don’t have to pay anything. However, although they drive in a lot of people, the profiles are very generic, so you will need to invest in visibility if you want to divert the traffic to your posts.

Regarding paid portals, their cost will depend on the number of listings you post. Furthermore, if you have enough properties on their pages, you will be able to negotiate good prices and benefit from discounts. Packs offer represent another opportunity, which offer various options with different benefits and advantages at the different cost levels.


Which real estate portals are free?

Depending on the quantity of properties you want to advertise, you’ll be able to be to present on all the platforms for free. As we have already seen, featured portals are the cheapest, but also the least efficient; in this case you can place unlimited ads without having to pay. Amongst those alternatives that stand out in terms of pages specific to real estate, it is worth considering the following:



This is the leading real estate website in the sector. If you are an individual, it allows you to post up to two listings up without cost. From there, the posts are paid with different types of premium ads. In exchange, you will benefit from a traffic of more than 42 million visits per month.



Here you can place up to six ads in different categories for free. Out of the paid options, you will can also contract different packages. In addition, as it belongs to the same group as Milanuncios and Vibbo, you can manage from here all the publications at the same time. This allows you to benefit from the accumulated traffic of 14 million visits per month of the specific portal, as well as from the 44,730,000 from other sites.

It belongs to the group Vocento, and is the largest specific portal that allows you to put up unlimited property listings without cost. Its monthly traffic is 6.15 million visits, a not insignificant figure considering the cost efficiency it offers you.



Its founders claim to be the portal of the next generation. Founded at the end of 2017, it currently has more than 800,000 visits per month, and thousands of ads all over Spain. It should be noted that posting ads on Kasaz is free, as you only pay for results (leads) obtained.

An important fact to highlight is that Kasaz is distinguished by the accuracy and veracity of its information, providing 100% reliable properties, contrasted characteristics, precise location on the map and no deception.


How to post a property on different portals at the same time

Every real estate portal and property platform will offer you a series of advantages and disadvantages, but you are not obliged to choose between them. You won’t have to sign an exclusivity contract in any of the examples we just talked about, so you can place advertisements in as many platforms as you like. However, it’s advisable that you keep in mind a few things.


Think about monthly visits

In this case, the link is direct and simple: the more visitors and active users the portal has, the more visibility your advertisements will have and the more sales possibilities will exist. Do some research online about the traffic of each site, and use online tools like Similarweb.


Study their metrics

As well as the quantity of visits, its important you bear in mind the other demographic details of the portal, so you know what the typical profile of its users us, and decide if it is adapted to your target audience. Even if they do not lead the market at a national level, some websites have a lot of influence in certain areas… And if this is in the city or the province where you operate the most, it’s an opportunity you can’t miss.


Consider the possibilities that each page gives you

Many well designed portals exist, which offer a very good user experience, but leave a lot to be desired in terms of options for the real estate professionals. Go for those that allow you to show your properties better, with options like panoramas and 360° photos, as well as virtual tours. The more you can customise them, the more control you have over the information you display and how you show the property to potential clients.


As you’ve seen, the choice of the most suitable real estate portal doesn’t depend only on its characteristics, but also on your strategy and budget. With a combined approach, you will be able to benefit from the advantages of all of them.


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