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Intro My name is Alex, I am an entrepreneur of 30 years old and I live in Pineda de mar, a village north of the coast of Barcelona where my real estate business is based. I love dealing with people, Home Staging and reading a lot...

Podcasts and interviews as an inbound marketing strategy

Podcasting and interviews as an inbound marketing strategy Marketing and, consequently, inbound marketing, has established itself in all fields and sectors, offering the key tools we need to succeed in our business. In this way, all areas can benefit...

Podcasting and interviews as an inbound marketing strategy

Marketing and, consequently, inbound marketing, has established itself in all fields and sectors, offering the key tools we need to succeed in our business.

In this way, all areas can benefit from the set of strategies that help to position your company at the top, following in each case, the most recommended advice. 

The sales you achieve will be the result of good marketing and that is why throughout this article we are going to teach you how to get the most out of marketing techniques and tactics to make your real estate agency or portal take off, in case you are immersed in the fascinating world of real estate. 

Real estate marketing: how to get clients interested in me 

It is already a reality that the real estate market has changed a lot. The label of a traditional and customary sector has been shed and now, increasingly, we can see a sector that is much more modernised, digitised and eager to change its appearance. 

Traditional and conventional agencies have been left with no choice but to renew themselves and real estate agents have transformed the pattern that distinguished them so much. The sector has been filled with startups and proptechs eager to change the sector and with them have been born new business models, new generation real estate portals, and many technology companies with big goals in mind capable of creating innovative tools and platforms that fit with the client and above all, offer solutions.

But... What would all this be without real estate marketing? Changes are all very well, but they have to be communicated. The same goes for the birth of new platforms. New proptech must be created, but at the same time we must know how to expand and externalise everything that is on offer with the best messages. 

In this way, it is essential to have a good marketing strategy behind each product or company. And even more so in such a competitive world, where standing out is the only way to get customers interested in you. 

The objectives are clear: to get as many leads as possible, but at the same time make sure that customers always keep you in their minds. This will be the only way that they will turn to you when they need you, and that they will make their acquaintances, family and friends turn to you, promoting your services without anyone asking them to, just because they are happy with what you offer and what you transmit to them.

Thus, to do good real estate marketing, certain parameters must be taken into account: 

- Adapt the way of communicating taking into account the current situation and the changes in user behaviour. For example, it is no good now to promote flats without balconies, as they have lost the total desire of buyers.

- Knowing which channels work best and knowing how to express yourself and what the target audience is for each of them. In other words, we will not speak the same way on Instagram as we do on LinkedIn.

- Take risks in creating much more daring, attention-grabbing, audiovisual content that not only informs but also entertains and has that point of interest that can go viral.

- Transform the traditional to the digital and bet on new tools: digitise and streamline processes, bet on virtual reality and non-face-to-face visits, use techniques such as home staging, implement technology with big data, etc... and not be afraid to be in constant growth.

- And above all, focus on the end user: much more personalised attention with tailor-made email marketing, specific retargeting campaigns and SEM much more focused on converting and not on covering the maximum possible audience. 

The AIDA system: what should I do to close a sale?

Real estate marketing is a set of techniques and strategies that, as we have mentioned, can be implemented in everything related to SEO, SEM, email marketing, social media and a host of other technologies .... but, what role does inbound marketing play in the housing sector?

Inbound marketing and the well-known AIDA system is one of the latest trends in online marketing, since, as well as wanting to increase the number of leads, it is specifically based on the end user being able to come to you because you give them added value through blogs, videos, interviews, podcasts, etc.

In this way, the client or potential buyer will get to know you by searching for something that interests them and that you, at the same time, offer them this information, and then, when they see that you also have services that may fit them, they may end up making the purchase or the lead in your portal or real estate agency, in this case. 

If the AIDA system is based on attraction, interest, desire, action to close a sale you must be aware of the 4 steps, and not only focus on the moment of generating that lead, because in many moments, the 3 previous steps to convert are much more important and effective than the final step. Attraction: the key point for your sales funnel.

As we have said, the three steps prior to converting often end up being more important or effective than generating a simple lead, as there may be someone who converts and leaves, but there are many others who are attracted by your product or company, thanks to your valuable content, show interest in you, feel the need to have what you offer, and that is when they end up generating the final action. 

And not just once, but repeatedly, because that is what matters: building customer loyalty.

Therefore, the key point that must be taken care of is attraction: At all times we must be able to create a strategy that puts us in the mind of the potential buyer most of the time. And that will ensure that, regardless of whether they are close to converting or not, when they are about to buy or generate that action, they will choose you over all the other competitors.

Engage your prospects with valuable content, knowing first-hand what they are looking for and what they need. Taking into account their every step, their sigh, their thoughts and needs. Knowing that if they are looking for you because you are a real estate portal or an agency, you should give them what others do not give them.

Change the schemes, bet on the new and always try to put yourself in the buyer's shoes. This is the only way to succeed. If you know what they need and you give it to them, the path will take care of itself. 

Beyond the ordinary: entertaining and informative content

Although the first point of the AIDA system is one of the most important to promote, it must be done with judgement and trying to go beyond the ordinary. It is no longer enough to copy the next guy or to make boring marketing and inbound campaigns that don't contribute anything. Now you have to go for entertaining and informative content and know how to differentiate yourself in all points.

As a success story we have the real estate portal Kasaz, which wanted to be different from the start, knowing that it had to be a new generation portal and that this could only be achieved by not making the same mistakes as the others. 

It is not enough to create a portal and that's it. The good thing comes when you create it and it is totally different from the others. Innovate, take risks and again.... bring valuable content!

Because Kasaz, although it is a real estate portal that offers flats for sale in Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia or any other city in Spain, also goes much further.

Apart from making available to the buyer thousands of properties, it has an incredible inbound marketing content, thanks to its blog: El Blog de Kasaz, a meeting point for buyers and sellers with news, tips and information about the real estate sector. To accompany anyone who wants to buy or sell a flat, in this process and give the best solutions to their doubts or needs. 

Expert interviews and podcasting

The Kasaz blog is a perfect hook to attract anyone who is in the process of buying or selling a property, or for those who want to move and need information about neighbourhoods and areas of the main Spanish cities. It is also an essential digital corner for those who want to decorate their home or for those who need specific information on more specific topics such as documentation or fundamental procedures.

But, apart from the blog ...., what else can they offer the end customer to generate the attraction that is so important in the sales funnel?

In this case, the articles themselves may seem boring or not so interesting, but if you add audiovisual content, the game is won.

Videos and all content that includes dynamism will be much better positioned than flat text that is difficult to read. For this reason, Kasaz, in addition to innovating in its new generation portal and having a 10 blog, uses as a marketing strategy real estate experts and gurus of the sector: people qualified to talk about certain topics at first hand and get a much closer content.

Thus, by conducting interviews of approximately 30 minutes, you can create a very effective, eye-catching content that solves the doubts and needs that the end consumer may have.

This is a much more eye-catching way of creating content that can then be turned into podcasts or short informative capsules, ideal for launching on social media.

Now more and more, having good audio is more important than having a good image, which brings more value to making good podcasts and making the most of the content.

The key to a successful interview is:

- Find a good topic that generates interest and provides a solution to the customer's needs. 
- Think about the most suitable person to talk about these premises.
- Create a good communication action to promote the event. 
- Generate interest and make everything flow. 

As an example, we are going to show you the interview that Kasaz did with the CEO of Floorfy, Sergi Jiménez, to talk about a subject that they are experts in: the virtual reality of homes.

This was the result:

And after the interview, the content could also be transformed into an article and a podcast. 

As you can see, with these techniques you will be able to generate new content in a much more attractive way, which will attract your potential customers who may, sooner or later, end up taking the last step of the AIDA system: the action or conversion. 

The end result 

There are many types of real estate marketing, but within this, inbound marketing is the one that cannot be missed. In this way, you will be able to exploit all the phases of the process: attraction-interest-desire-action, to achieve an increase in leads.

Remember: don't copy others, go for eye-catching and creative content, find the best person to talk about the topics you want to talk about and make your service stand out in the customer's mind, 27/4.

Think of those catchy songs that you can't get out of your head all day long. Maybe the bumper of your next podcast can have something catchy that will hook the buyer? I'll leave that up to you. 


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