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Promote your business using real estate marketing

However, this environment is changing and nowadays, if you want to stand out, you need to use real estate marketing strategies. Want to know more? Join us!

However, this environment is changing and nowadays, if you want to stand out, you need to use real estate marketing strategies. Want to know more? Join us!

What is real estate marketing?

Real estate marketing encompasses a range of activities, aimed at both attracting potential tenants and buyers and the acquisition of real estate. This sector is very traditional in some respects; however, there are more and more agencies using innovative and unconventional techniques, thanks to digitalization and online marketing strategies used in the real estate sector.

This also leads us to the realization that the way in which we search for a property has changed completely. Nowadays, 81% of house buyers take to the Internet to look for that traditional ‘For Sale’ placard. It seems like walking along the street, or going from agency to agency are a thing of the past. Now Google is the leading portal, so if you want to sell or buy a property, you must have a presence there.

How do you promote a real estate business?

When you go to an advertising agency to promote your real estate business, the first thing they will do is create a marketing plan to achieve your objectives. It will take into account different elements, and several studies will have to be carried out.

- Analyze the market, the competition and discover what your competitive advantage is.
- Develop the appropriate strategies to reach the objectives you’ve set.
- Keep track of the results, such as the economic stimuli and the costs and income.

You can do all of this through traditional or digital branding and marketing strategies for real estate agencies. Want to know what they are?

Traditional real estate marketing

These are the activities related to offline marketing: emailing, newspapers, TV, bus stops, radio, billboards, sports sponsorships. This is known as outbound marketing or direct marketing. In this situation, the agents have to collect requests for information with which to make sales.

Digital real estate marketing

Communication nowadays has to adapt to digital marketing techniques, since, in most cases, any business’s target audience is easy to reach on the Internet. Creating interesting content for potential clients is on-trend in real estate marketing, and the tools that tend to be most used for this inbound marketing are photographs, videos on YouTube channels and blog content with engagement.

But, on top of these steps, you can’t forget email marketing campaigns, or, of course, social media. Furthermore, in order to implement these strategies and be visible on the Internet, you will need to work on things such as SEO positioning or SEM campaigns.

Real estate Branding

Once you have succeeded in offering customers what they want, it will be time to expand your sales horizon, and the prestige of the brand itself. To do this, you need to strengthen your corporate image.

This will enhance your brand identity, and you will be able to influence what customers and the general public think about the company. This, in turn, will allow you to specialize and become more valuable in the eyes of your target audience.

The evolution of real estate marketing and the need for an inbound methodology

In order for a business to always be at the top of their customer’s mind, you need to use its communication strategies to their full potential. Inbound marketing presents itself as one of the most effective solutions in this respect.

When a person wants to buy a property, they gather information by themselves, searching for an idea of the area in terms of price, communications, services – before entering into the hands of a real estate agent. For this, business have to establish a series of strategies that bring value to users, cause them to place trust in them and not only turn them into clients, but also into prescribers of their brand. However, for this they must have some activity online and take care of their communication as much as they can.

The role that inbound marketing plays is fundamental, as it is responsible for educating users and guiding them in the buying process, without invading their own space. This can be done with to a website designed to strengthen your brand identity. They are the main source of information and attention through their content, and can make real estate company become a leader amongst its target audience.

What does inbound methodology consist of? The steps for developing it effectively are very simple.

  1. Establish your target audience
  2. Develop a content plan and its distribution
  3. Optimize your site for search engines
  4. Review your sales funnel, which must have 4 phases: exploration, decision making, purchase and referral.

If the content of your sales funnel is good enough, it can lead to success in any operation. You will be able to convince and attract your ideal customer, by offering them all the information they need.

Examples of real estate marketing actions

Some of the examples of activities guaranteed not to fail in the real estate sector are the following. Pay attention.

- Show real experiences of buyers and sellers, which can impact potential clients and give them a positive perspective of your work. Video testimonials have a big impact.
- Offer guides about the different areas of the city, divided into the type of properties that may interest each client, according to their needs.
- Virtual tours inside a property, so that clients can get an idea of what it would be like to live there, and if it is adapted to their lifestyle.

Interesting, useful and valuable content for your clients is one of the most important steps to take. Perfect photographs of properties are no longer enough, they must be accompanied by blurbs that attract clients, and guides, or other documents and applications that give them added value.

In the real estate sector too, technological changes play a very important role. And real estate marketing, without a doubt, will help you to adapt to the new trends of the market. Are you going to be left behind?

Image from LNLNLN via Pixabay


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