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Discover real estate innovation through 5 tools

Real estate innovation has taken a momentous leap in the last few years by incorporating different tools, such as CRM in real estate agencies, virtual reality and the positioning of real estate portals. Thanks to the marketing applied to this sector,...

Real estate innovation has taken a momentous leap in the last few years by incorporating different tools, such as CRM in real estate agencies, virtual reality and the positioning of real estate portals. Thanks to the marketing applied to this sector, it is now possible to improve the shopping experience of clients, which will translate to greater efficiency in the sales process and level of satisfaction.


1.What is real estate innovation?

2.How to innovate in the real estate sector

2.1 Positioning in real estate portals

2.2. Virtual reality

2.3. Home staging

2.4. Real estate CRM

2.5. Artificial intelligence

3.Why innovate in the real estate sector?


What is real estate innovation? 

The modernization of the real estate sector is a process that has been consummated throughout these last years. The drive of digitalization has had a significant impact on such a traditional sector like the real estate one. 

Therefore, the popularization of informative technologies and their application in the sector enables the current market to undergo the transformation that it requires. As a consequence, all the benefits that come with it are appreciated more and it is possible offer clients more adequate benefits. But marketing in the real estate sector follows a much more extensive path. It is now not just about traditional publicity, but also a matter of, for example, carrying out interactive virtual visits. The real estate experts who know how to apply these innovations in their businesses will be ones who are successful in the upcoming years.


How to innovate in the real estate sector

Nowadays you use both the internet and electronic devices to carry out whatever kind of operation, or to collect information on any matter of interest to you. It is something very regular, so they are familiar tools that offer countless benefits. For this reason, technological application had to arrive in the real estate sector. Because of how simple a tool it is and one that both buyers and sellers are most familiar with. Furthermore, it enhances the search process and enables the decision made over a property in a much more efficient way. Would you like to know which are the main real estate innovation tools? Let us show you!


1.Positioning in real estate portals

Real estate portals are a great tool, allowing you to showcase the properties you wish to rent out or sell before a large bulk of the public. But there is an extreme difference between someone who knows how to position their properties on them and someone who leaves it to algorithms to organise them without being conscious of what criteria they rely on to do so. 

By doing a good job of positioning in portals your possible clients will see you sooner, attracting a greater number of interested clients. This way your possibilities of success will maximize and it will be simpler to close these sales or rental deals. 

2.Virtual reality 

Virtual reality is one of the technological tools in the real estate sector that you cannot lose sight of. Thanks to virtual reality, future owners will be able to experience the ambience and walk through the rooms of their new home.

This technique poses a great advantage for real estate advisors and consultants when marketing their projects. In the same way, potential clients who cannot or do not wish to attend face-to-face visits will be able to carry out a virtual tour with complete comfort. They will feel the fullness of the rooms first-hand and have freedom of movement to walk through the whole property.

3.Home staging

The home staging service intends to create an impactful and positive first impression on possible buyers, in such a way that avoids downward negotiations and allows sale or rental agreements to be carried out quicker. It is about using 3D technology to generate a virtual reform, in a way that ensures interested buyers don’t have to imagine how the property will look in the future: they can see it instantly.

4.Real estate CRM

CRM is, simply, a selection of management tools that can make your day to day work simpler, organize your communication with clients and increase your productivity. They already apply it in a great number of businesses, and also in real estate agencies. What advantages would counting on this technology bring? 

Its database will ensure that your communication with clients becomes more streamlined and that you can offer better experiences, follow up on sales, manage different tasks, create reports or obtain instant data analysis. 

5.Artificial intelligence 

Artificial intelligence is capable of carrying out numerous basic tasks obtaining better results than humans. For this reason, throughout the next years we will see more and more tasks automated in all kinds of sectors. And it is not only to do with the rise of smart homes and how it can affect the real estate market, but also, more specifically, the very process of selecting properties that an agent is used to carrying out. 

For real estate experts, artificial intelligence can signify a great opportunity, given that with the right algorithim they can know what type of properties to showcase on a website based on the anaylsis of every user’s profile. And not only that: they can also create images of furnished or reformed properties to certain styles and even make instant changes to those images as the client specifies what they are looking for.


Why innovate in the real estate sector?

Social media and the internet are currently the most used dissemination and communication channels. This means it is important to implement digital marketing tools in any company, including real estate agencies. 

If you want your company to stand out and position itself ahead of your competition, it is necessary to undergo different strategies to improve the service that you offer your clients. And a good way to start is to have the changes we’ve mentioned in mind. Think that times are changes: there is more competition each time and your potencial clients receive a huge amount of advertisements popping up throughout the day. This leads to them unknowingly protecting themselves and no longer paying attention, if you do not innovate in the way you present your work, your real estate agency will probably go completely unnoticed by them. Keep in mind that the real estate innovation that new technologies provide you with will not only modernize you in your clients’ eyes.  Beyond that, it is about very useful tools, which can activate the market and make the sector extremely dynamic


Image from R Architecture via Unsplash


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