Using real estate blogs to stay up to date with what is happening in the industry is the best way to get quality information, without having to spend hours researching. This type of publication is managed by an individual or group, who selects the most relevant themes of the day, and elaborates on them.


The importance of following the best blogs

Every blog is different, and the majority depend a lot on the direction its creator wants to take. This figure works as a content editor, so they will select the themes and provide the focus best suited to their point of view.

For this reason, we recommend that you follow various blogs that are specialized in the business aspects that you and your clients are most interested in. Make sure the information that you are taking in is of quality, and brings value to your work.

Personal Blogs

This type of media is, at least at first glance, managed by only one person. By doing this, they aim to strengthen their personal brand and position themselves as an expert of a subject. Their main advantage is that they tend to be very specific and you know what you’re getting when you visit their pages. Here are some examples of ones you shouldn’t miss.

Ignacio Acosta Sorge is the CEO of Panda States. He defines himself as an expert in web positioning and the real estate market. His content is written principally in English, although there is also plenty of information in Spanish and there are some other articles in Portuguese.

Following his posts, you will be up to date on the subject of real estate investment strategies and advice for foreigners that want to buy properties in Spain (a lot of its content is focussed on the Costa del Sol). It might interest you to pay attention if your customers or your market are similar to theirs.

Barb Schwarz

Barb Schwarz is considered a real estate marketing guru internationally, as well as one of the main influences in the world of home staging. This is evident across all of her website, but especially in her blog, that has a carefully managed aesthetic and visual theme.

We love her because she’s very specific in her content, and at the same time, very useful. In her articles you will find success cases, tips and advice for decorating and making spaces more welcoming, and even images from Pinterest. If you’re selling second hand or already built properties, it’s worth following her.

In this case, the face of the blog is Carlos Pérez, a real estate coaching professional. Thanks to its content, you will discover a heap of tips and advice for sales, as well as other useful information to bring value to your clients.

Corporate Blogs

Having content managed by a business doesn’t mean it has to be of a worse quality. Its undeniable that that you lose an element of impartiality when dealing with their direct competitors, but you will gain from the professionalism and rigour with which they treat their content.


Fotocasa’s blog for professionals deals with a ton of themes, all related to the real estate sector. You will find useful things such as analysis of current news, indicative data about market development or price development indicators. It also publishes interviews with relevant personalities and leaders in opinion, with whom you can widen your perspective on the business.


Although you’re already aware of it, we couldn’t not recommend you our blog. In it you will be able to find relevant information about sales strategies, advice for improving your productivity and very useful technological innovations for your business. On top of this, we have a selection of interviews with real estate experts on their opinions of the sector.


This is a blog which, although it isn’t obviously corporate, is administered and handled by  GTV S.L. It is interesting for professionals, because it deals in a simple and direct way with problems that every estate agent can relate to, and adds value to both buyers and sellers. In it, it explains everything from how to best choose a mortgage to certain selling techniques.

API noticias

This blog is a real estate news portal from the site API Catalunya. It has articles written in Catalan and Spanish and deals with a large variety of real estate themes, like advice for decorating houses, technological advances, mortgage information and even curiosities like general articles about life in Catalonia. Therefore, it will be useful to you as a very varied source of information.


The real estate portal BidX1 also offers a very informative blog, that, among many countries, has sections specialized to the UK and Spain. It has articles in English and Spanish, about a variety of topics and trends in the real estate market. What stands out about its blog is its selection of interviews with real estate experts from all over the world, an accesible way of accessing expert knowledge about the sector.


Idealista also has a very informative blog, which is updated several times a week. As a corporate blog, it includes some content which is self-promotion, but also useful information related to real estate strategies, news of the sector and analysis of the trends in the real estate market.

This real estate portal has a blog that goes well beyond Mexico, where it is based. As well as giving advice related to the Mexican market, it has several articles for real estate agents, buyers and sellers that will help you to learn which issues are important to your clients.


Kasaz’s blog discusses a variety of relevant topics for buyers, agents and experts in the sector. For example, it covers a variety of topics related to the sale of properties, useful tips and recommendations for sellers, articles related to day-to-day household matters and more topical themes, such as the rise of proptechs.

Furthermore, it has a section dedicated to interviewing experts; this content can be consumed in two formats, either as a podcast or a video. All this makes for a blog with a lot of potential and value for its users.

Banking blogs

As banking and property are closely linked, many companies have seen a business opportunity, and pursue inbound strategies by talking about themes related to the real estate market. What’s more, some have specific blogs.


This blog belongs to Caixabank, and is quite generic. Despite this, it means you can learn which topics interest and worry potential buyers. They talk about a wide variety of topics, including advice about how to invest, features of future houses and sustainability.


This is the real estate branch of Banco Sabadell, and of all the ones we are recommending, this is the one that has a most purely commercial focus. Sometimes it even devotes space in its content to promoting properties. However, you can get a lot out of seeing how they do it, as well as all the financial information they offer.

Independent blogs

In this category, you will find blogs specific to the sector which, instead of having a person or business behind them, aim to position themselves as independent media specialized in the real estate sector. Again, some are more specific and others talk about a bit of everything.


More than a blog as such, we could consider this a news portal. Its information is very well balanced between objective data about the sector and opinion pieces. It will be an essential tool for staying up to date and having a global sense of the evolution of your sector.


Although upon a bit of research you will see that it is César Villasante behind this publication, this is of little relevance to the way they create and organize their content.

In their own words, they are specialized in marketing and technology for real estate agents; their way of dealing with the themes is focussed on professionals, and one of its strengths is that they deal extensively with the digital field. Thanks to this, you will learn about a heap of tools that you can use to improve your productivity.

Property Portal Watch

Property Portal Watch is an international blog, written in English. It is specialized in real estate news and proptech, and prides itself on its collaborative focus, interacting with its readers regularly. Its news portal is updated daily, and therefore is ideal if you want to stay up to date with the latest real estate developments. As well news, it has some more in-depth sections, like opinion articles and analysis of the sector, or specific portals.


More than just a blog, Unissu is an organization dedicated to sharing the benefits of proptech with the real estate sector. It was created in 2018 by James Dearsley and Eddie Holmes two British proptech experts, and its website has a large variety of informative and concise information related to proptech worldwide. Therefore, if you want to learn more about how technology will enable the development of your real estate agency, it will be very useful.

As you have been able to see, there are a range of real estate blogs for everyone’s interests. We recommend that you do your own research and opt for the ones that bring you the most useful information for you and your business. Following them regularly will help you stay up to date with all that is happening in the field, and your sales figures will thank you.


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