7 communication skills for successful real estate agents

7 Communication skills for successful real estate agents

As a real estate professional, communication is fundamental. Our role centers around interacting with people, such as organizing meetings, fully understanding client needs, negotiating, and liaising with various professionals. Therefore, our communication needs to be clear and concise, especially when explaining technical processes which are potentially unfamiliar to clients. Whatever the medium, whether by phone, via email, or in person, you must effectively and efficiently get your message across.

Here are seven tips to help you fine-tune your communication skills and make the most out of any real estate transaction. 

1. Listen carefully and ask questions

As with any conversation, listening is a core element of effective communication. Make sure you understand what your clients are asking for and then ask additional questions to gain a better understanding of their needs so that you can provide them with the best possible service. Careful listening demonstrates that you are invested in your clients and care about their needs. 

2. Practice active listening

Active listening involves more than just hearing what someone is saying; it requires being present in the conversation and actively engaging with the speaker by making eye contact, nodding, repeating key points, etc. This technique shows your client that you are paying attention and that their concerns matter to you. 

3. Use clear language

When communicating with clients, avoid using industry jargon or complicated language—make sure your message is clear and easy to understand right away! You don’t want to leave any room for confusion or misunderstanding when discussing important matters such as contracts or deadlines. 

4. Be confident but not aggressive

You want to come across as professional yet approachable while also exuding confidence in your knowledge of real estate transactions—but don’t be too pushy! Being overly aggressive can make people feel intimidated or uncomfortable which will not lead to successful conversations. 

5. Take notes

Taking notes during conversations helps ensure everyone is on the same page and allows for smoother transactions later down the line when there are fewer surprises or discrepancies in understanding between parties involved in a deal. Taking notes also helps keep track of small details which can often be forgotten if not documented somewhere! 

6. Pay attention to body language

Communication is more than just words, and you have to bear in mind that how you say something can be just as important as what you say. The manner in which you present yourself, eye contact, open body language with open arms, and remembering to smile can go a long way in making people feel at ease and facilitating discussion. Take a moment to become aware of what your body is doing, lower your shoulders, check for tension and try to relax any tight muscles. 

7. Check your message before you hit send

We have all received emails that were supposed to have contained attachments, or messages with incorrect information. Proofreading any emails, texts, captions, and flyers that you create can minimize this risk and any potential misunderstandings that come with it. Equally, it can be useful to ask for a second opinion on a text, to ensure that it reads clearly. 


Communication is an essential skill for all real estate professionals—it’s how you build relationships with potential clients and close deals quickly and successfully. By following these seven tips, you can sharpen your communication skills and take your business to the next level. Good luck!


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