Investing in a 360° camera allows you to improve the quality of the services you offer in your real estate company. With it, you will be able to bring each property closer to the client and generate a satisfactory and differentiating buying experience, However, it is normal that before making an investment, doubts arise. We help you to solve them by answering the most common questions. Take note!

These are the most frequently asked questions from our customers about 360° cameras

At Floorfy we have a lot of experience in the sector and we have worked with more than 75,000 virtual assets and made 20,000 commercial videos. As a result, we have extensive knowledge about what customers like you are worried about. That's why we've compiled the questions you ask us most often. We are sure you will find the information you are looking for.

Do 360° cameras have a tripod mount?

Yes, most of them are prepared to be used with a stabilisation system. If you sign up with us for any of our plans, you will have the possibility to rent one of the following RICOH models: Theta SC2, Theta V or Theta Z1. In all three cases, the devices come with a hole that allows you to attach them to a bracket.

When you are choosing your camera, make sure that this is the case. This option will allow you to improve the quality of your images, especially in poor visibility situations or if you can't get excellent lighting. If you want to be absolutely sure, add one of ours to your plan and enjoy the guarantee of having the best equipment for taking 360° photos and videos.

When using it, remember that, to achieve a natural result, the camera must be placed at eye level. As a standard, a point between 170 and 180 centimetres in height is usually selected.

Can they be connected directly to the computer or is an application necessary?

Although in most cases you can use it on its own, installing an application on your phone or laptop will considerably improve your user experience. However, before you buy the camera, make sure you know how it works, as some only allow you to control it via your mobile phone.

In the case of our devices, all three models can be used interchangeably from your phone or computer. If you are looking for a quality edition, we recommend that you use an application with specific solutions for your sector or field of activity. This will lessen the learning curve and offer you specific solutions.

Can I use it as an action camera?

It all depends on the time and autonomy with which you want to use it. There are models on the market that are specially designed for this purpose, such as the GoPro Max or the Insta 360°. These devices, as well as giving you excellent quality images, are the perfect size and attachment systems for use while you are doing sport or on the move.

Can I mount it on my bike like a GoPro?

To be able to take your 360° camera with you without fear of damage, it is recommended that you opt for devices adapted for this use. This way, you can be sure that they have the necessary fastening systems for use in more demanding conditions than usual. If you want a versatile device that can be used anywhere, make sure it has the necessary accessories to adapt it.

Can I use a Bluetooth shutter release?

To do this, your camera needs to have Bluetooth. Not all cameras do, but it's a great feature for shooting photos when, for example, you don't want to be in them. Another common self-timer system is via your phone. If your camera has a dedicated app, it may allow you to control it from your phone using wifi.

What do I do if my device does not detect the 360° camera?

If you are in the installation process, and you cannot get your computer or phone to recognise your new camera, we recommend that you start the whole process again following the manufacturer's instructions. Some of the most common errors are that the drivers are not up to date or that you are not connected to the same network with both devices. If the problems persist, please contact the manufacturer's technical support.

Can I upload a 360° video to Youtube?

Yes, Youtube is one of the platforms that can identify and broadcast videos recorded in 360°. The process is quite simple, but if you encounter any problems, they have a help platform created specifically for this content.

Can I upload a 360° video to Facebook?

Facebook is the second platform that is ready to view and create 360° audiovisual content. In fact, this social network recognises the format of your video through the metadata and publishes it as such. For this to work, you must avoid deleting the camera data. As on Youtube and Vimeo, if you have any problems with your content, you will find a specific support service called Facebook 360° Help Page.

Can I upload a 360° video on social networks like Twitter or Instagram?

Neither Twitter nor Instagram are currently set up to upload and share 360° photos or videos, but you can upload images taken with your camera. To do this, you must use the tiny planet flat format. To make the conversion successful, you can use one of the many applications available that adapt the content so that you can share it.

The best 360° videos on the Internet

Now that you know the answers to the most common doubts, we think that to get an idea of the full potential of this technology, it is a good idea to see some of the best examples on the Internet. As the list below shows, in addition to the focus on the real estate sector that we at Floorfy have, you can use them for hundreds of things.

BBC Earth: The video of the total solar eclipse seen from space

You don't have to go far to see one of the most stunning 360° videos on the Internet. On the BBC Earth Channel you have six minutes in which they not only show you what a total solar eclipse looks like from space, but they also explain how they took the images and what each movement and shadow means. If you're a nature lover or are curious about space, you can't miss it.

Action scenes from Mission Impossible

Anyone who has ever wondered what it's like to experience the action scenes of a film like Mission Impossible from the inside can satisfy their curiosity with this video. With a camera mounted on Tom Cruise's back, you can access the filming of fast-paced scenes through narrow streets and heart-stopping situations. The director's commentary complements this production and puts it in context.

Cirque du Soleil immersive experiences

The entertainment company has made a strong commitment to this type of content. On its Youtube channel you can experience one of its performances from the inside and feel what the artists feel when they are on stage. As a consequence of the need to bring their work closer to the general public during the pandemic, they opted to produce this type of content, which allows you to get closer to their universe in a different and impressive way.

Brave Wilderness and its experiences with animals

Being inches away from giant tortoises, visiting their home and understanding how they behave has never been easier or more accessible. This animal specialist channel opens the doors to the wildlife habitat and helps you feel like you are part of the experience thanks to virtual reality videos. If you like animal documentaries, these productions will leave you amazed!

Replicate a drink-driving experience with the Irish DGT

The Irish Road Safety Authority has made this production in which you can put yourself in the shoes of a drunk driver. During the film the viewer is put into different situations and shown how alcohol plays a part in the equation. This initiative has not only raised awareness among a large part of the population, but it has also won the bronze Lovie Award in the 360° video category.

Getting to know war from the inside, with the help of the Red Cross

This production, called The Right Choice, puts the viewer in a war scenario and leads them to make decisions as the events unfold. Although you can choose your fate as a character, the creators decided that none of the decisions would lead to a good outcome, to convey the message that in war, everyone loses.

We are sure that, with all this information, your interest in what can be done with a 360° camera has grown. As you have seen, it is a versatile device both in its handling and its uses. By using it for your business you will be able to create impactful content.


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