automatic floor plan generationautomatic floor plan generation

📐🏢 Automatic Floorplan Generation 

These automatically generated floor plans are a scale diagram of the rooms in a property. This 2D plan of a property comes with exact measurements and is a key element of any property listing so that buyers can get a sense of the layout of a house.

In the fast-paced world of real estate, professionals are always seeking innovative solutions to streamline their workflow and offer clients better insights. Say goodbye to time-consuming manual processes and welcome an efficient way to provide accurate floorplans for your clients. Let's dive into the fascinating world of FLOORFY and explore its unique features, benefits, and impact on the real estate market.

🎯 Why Floor Plans are Crucial for Real Estate Marketing

Floor plans play a pivotal role in showcasing a property's layout, size, and flow, helping prospective buyers visualize the space. In the era of virtual tours and remote property visits, floor plans have become more important than ever. Here's how floor plans can impact the effectiveness of your real estate marketing strategy:

  • Attract attention: Clear, detailed, and visually attractive floor plans make your listings stand out in a competitive market, grabbing potential buyers' attention like a 🧲.
  • Increase engagement: Providing high-quality floor plans on your website or property listing platform increases user engagement, encourages sharing, and leads to more inquiries and viewings.
  • Enhance comprehension: In addition to photos and descriptions, floor plans give buyers a full understanding of the property's layout, offering context and valuable spatial information. 💡
  • Save time and effort: Accurate floor plans reduce the number of unnecessary viewings since potential buyers can screen properties more efficiently, saving time for both parties. ⏱️
  • Complement virtual tours: As remote property visits become more common, floor plans help provide a clear blueprint of the property, making it easier for buyers to navigate during virtual tours. 🎮

📐 Example of automatically generated plan

automatic floor plan for real estate

Group 3183.png

⚙️Key Features of FLOORFY's Software

Automatic floorplan generation: FLOORFY's advanced algorithms can quickly convert property images into detailed and accurate floorplans, for every listing for a low cost, thereby improving the workflow and the overall quality of their portfolio and potentially attracting more potential buyers.

User-friendly interface: The software's intuitive interface makes it easy for real estate professionals to create, edit, and customize their floorplans, even without any prior technical knowledge.

Cloud-based platform: FLOORFY's cloud-based solution allows users to access and manage their floorplans from anywhere, anytime, without the need for additional software installations or hardware investments.

📐How are they generated?

To create a 2D floor plan of a property, all that you have to do is take 360° photographs of a property and upload them, leaving the rest to us. To learn more, check out our video How to take 360° photographs of a property, or check out our blog entry, How to take 360º photos of a property for rent or for sale.

This plan is also used to create 3D renders of properties. This is the generation of a 3D ‘dolls house’ view, which shows what a property will look like from the inside, along with providing a sense of its general layout.

💥🏢Revolutionizing the Real Estate Industry with FLOORFY

With its innovative floorplan generation software, FLOORFY is transforming the way property professionals approach their work. Here are the most significant ways in which this cutting-edge technology impacts the real estate market:

  1. 🎯Accuracy and detail: FLOORFY guarantees precise and high-quality floorplans, which ultimately enable potential buyers and renters to visualize their future homes better.
  2. 💰Cost savings: Packed with impressive functionality and convenience, FLOORFY eliminates the need to hire professional designers or architects to create floorplans, resulting in substantial cost savings for real estate professionals.
  3. ⏱️Greater Efficiency and Time Savings: One of the biggest benefits of using Floorfy to create automated floor plans is the efficiency it brings to your business. Instead of spending hours manually measuring, drawing and editing floor plans, Floorfy automates this process, allowing you to focus on other crucial business tasks.

    Example of Saving Time with Floorfy

    Imagine this scenario: As a real estate agent, you must visit and measure a five-bedroom property. Performing this task manually can take approximately four hours. However, by using Floorfy, you could reduce this time to just one hour.

🌐 3D and Virtual Tour Integration

Incorporating 3D floor plans and virtual tours into your marketing materials significantly enhances the buyer's experience, enabling them to explore the property from the comfort of their own homes. Floorfy supports the seamless integration of 3D floor plans and virtual tours, elevating your property listings to the next level and creating a more immersive experience. 🏡

🔗 Property Listing Enhancement

Floorfy's easily embeddable floor plan widget enriches your property listings, providing potential buyers with accurate and attractive floor plan visuals. These interactive plans can scale on any device, maintaining a professional appearance and formatting, and leading to increased user engagement. Stay ahead of the competition with stunning floor plan presentations that keep users engaged. 💪

📈Enhance Your Marketing Strategy With Rich Visual Content

Visual content is crucial in the world of real estate marketing. In addition to high-quality photographs and videos, floorplans provide valuable information for potential homebuyers. FLOORFY's automatically generated floorplans enable agents to create compelling and visually engaging listings that capture the attention of potential clients. This, in turn, can lead to increased inquiries and faster sales conversions.

📝 🏘️The Ultimate One-Stop Shop for Real Estate Agents' Content Needs

Floorfy offers Real Estate Agents more than just fast and affordable floor plan generation. It provides software for detailed property descriptions, high-quality images, and virtual tours. Having comprehensive content is crucial for real estate portals seeking strong organic positioning. Search engines prioritize websites with relevant and diverse content, leading to increased user engagement, longer visit durations, and higher conversion rates. By optimizing organic positioning, portals can attract a larger audience, build trust, and reduce reliance on paid advertising. Floorfy helps real estate portals achieve these goals efficiently.

🚀Embracing the Future of Real Estate with FLOORFY

FLOORFY's automatic floorplan generation software is a game-changer for the real estate industry, providing a much-needed solution to increase efficiency, accuracy, and customer satisfaction. By leveraging this cutting-edge technology, property professionals can stay ahead of the curve and gain a competitive advantage in the market.

🏘️ Virtual tour of the property

The plan was generated from the virtual tour of the following property.


Don't miss out on an opportunity to embrace the future of real estate with FLOORFY. Explore its features, benefits, and how it can transform your business 👉


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