As the use of technology in the real estate sector has expanded, virtual tours have risen in prominence as a technological solution to physical house viewings.

In this blog post, we explore exactly what is a virtual visit of a property, how it is produced and why it is a beneficial option for a real estate agency.



What is a virtual house visit?

Virtual tours allow users to view a property from the comfort of their own home, simulating a face-to-face viewing.

Floorfy provides a digital software which, by joining together 360-degree photographs, means a prospective buyer can view a property online, whilst still being able to appreciate its aesthetics, natural light and finish. By viewing a property virtually, a user can ‘walk’ around the house, focussing in on specific areas, all at their own leisure.

Why do we use them?

As its time and money saving benefits become more and more obvious, digital technology is on the rise in the real estate sector. By offering the option to view a house in detail online before visiting it, virtual tours act as a initial filter for potential buyers, avoiding costly and unproductive trips for both real estate agents and the buyers themselves.

A property with a virtual tour will stand out amongst its rivals on any real estate portal, offering a real and objective view of it, all in a matter of clicks. It also removes the time or geographical limits that are placed on physical viewings: prospective buyers can view a house from anywhere in the world, and have the added freedom of browsing each room for as long, or as many times as they like.

As the COVID-19 pandemic has forced us to adapt our habits in almost every walk of life, adjustments to virtual ways of doing things are here to stay. Virtual tours have been fundamental in enabling estate agents to continue successfully during the pandemic, revealing their value for longer-term use.

How do they work?

All that is necessary to produce these virtual tours is a 360-degree camera, panoramic tripod and the necessary software, provided by Floorfy.

You will need to capture these 360-degree photographs of every area of a property and upload it to the Floorfy editor, on the app or desktop, after which we configure the tour automatically, ready for you to post on online real estate portals. The user can then take a virtual tour of a house by simply clicking the link in the gallery section of a real estate portal.

We also offer training on how to take 360-degree photographs, to get the most out of your camera. To discover more about how to take these images, consult our blog entry on ‘How to take 360° photos of a property for rent or for sale’ or visit our Youtube channel and watch the video, ‘How to take 360° photographs of a property’.


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