360° cameras for virtual tours have become essential for sectors such as real estate, hospitality and commerce in general. Here we take a look at some of the most interesting models on the market.

The best 360° cameras for virtual tours

In all cases, we have focused on the balance between price and quality, as well as on design. Feel free to browse through the following profiles, as you might find just what you need.

Ricoh Theta V

Ricoh's Theta range is, without a doubt, one of the alternatives to take into account due to its adaptability and quality. In the case in point, you'll find a camera that:

- Records in high resolution.
- Captures very realistic videos with 4K definition.
- It has the ability to record in four different directions thanks to its sound system.
- It is possible to select the type of shot you are going to take. It is always interesting to be able to choose the type of light or result you want to obtain, thus achieving a video more in line with what you really need.
- It allows you to broadcast in streaming without losing quality. This function allows your clients to access the broadcast in real time and even to indicate where you should stop to appreciate a specific detail.
- Its Snapdragon processor accelerates the transmission of images and videos.
It weighs 122 grams, has a long battery life and is easy to carry thanks to its efficient design.

Ricoh Theta SC

The brand is clear that it is also necessary to have models that can be adapted to any type of use. This is a perfect example:

- It surprises with its sharpness and precision when recording.
- It takes only one and a half seconds to start up.
- It includes a scene selector to get the lens to best suit your needs.
- It has night mode, a dual lens (which improves contrast) and weighs only 120 grams.

Available in a range of colours, it won't take long to make it a must-have for you.

Ricoh Theta SC 2

Apart from the above features, it also has other features that are as effective as they are essential:

- Records in 4K
- Includes different scenes (facial recognition and lens-to-lens exposure among others).
- Allows data transfer over high-speed networks.
- Its control panel lets you know the battery percentage and the type of shot selected.
- Surprisingly light at 102 grams.
- It has a video recording capacity of up to 115 minutes in 2K and 32 minutes in 4K.

Undoubtedly, it is an option to take into account given its unquestionable quality.

Insta360 ONE X

It is one of the cameras that have surprised technology lovers the most. It is always advisable due to virtues such as these:

- It records in 5.7K resolution.
- Its Flowstate stabilisation (helps to achieve a smoother result).
- It includes an invisible selfie stick and it is even possible to choose a cinematic slow motion.
- The HDR option and the use of Time Shift to make your video practically perfect.
- Supports 5G networks.
- Transmits at maximum speed.
- It weighs 90.2 grams without battery.

On the downside, on average, it costs around 60 euros more than the Ricoh options and there are several different packages available, which can lead to some confusion and higher costs.

Samsung Gear 360

The famous brand has opted for the rescue of a design that the first webcams already had, but has not forgotten to include the best technology. What's more:

- It records in high resolution (3840 x 1920 pixels).
- It includes dual lenses (which allow recording in low light) and can also record in real time.

While the result it delivers is always adequate, there are some aspects that you might not like so much. For example, you need to insert a MicroSD card to record the video, it can't broadcast live and you have to use a small tripod so that it can record 360° without your help. It's priced around £180 less than other options, but its poor adaptability will waste precious time when it comes to setting up the camera, checking the video and editing it.

Insta360 One R

It is characterised by a series of virtues that make it a similar option to others, although with some peculiarities:

- It records in 5.7K thanks to H.265 encoding.
- It uses artificial intelligence to process the images in a different way (always preserving all the details of the image).
- In addition to FlowState stabilisation, it is possible to select 360 or wide-angle mode (which is not included).
- Its waterproof rating is IPX8.
- The invisible selfie stick (so called because it disappears when you edit the video) and the possibility for the AI to edit the video for you are always attractive options.

Once again, its disadvantages are the price, not knowing which package to choose and, above all, a design that is more focused on sports recording than what you might be interested in to showcase a property or the features of your business.

360Fly 4K

It is one of the most robust alternatives thanks to an effective design and technology that makes it stand out from other similar cameras:

- It records in 360°.
- You can edit your videos and share them in less than two minutes.
- It is specially manufactured to prevent dust, water or any impact from affecting its structure.
- Its triple axis sensor and the possibility of recording AAC audio complete its qualities.

We can't forget that it has many drawbacks. First of all, it costs more than 500 euros. Also, you have to leave the camera on a surface for it to record automatically, which prevents you from recording more easily. Its design is not ergonomic and it is only surprising for its tremendous resistance.

LG LGR-105 - 360 Cam

Undoubtedly, it is one of the best-selling alternatives thanks to features that will easily convince you:

- Its maximum resolution is 2560 x 1280 pixels (it records video at 30 fps).
- Its battery guarantees up to 70 minutes of recording time.
- Its design is compact and ergonomic.

But it also has a few problems. You must always use a microSD card (at least a 2 TB card is supported) and without the corresponding application on your mobile phone it is almost impossible to get the best out of it. It is priced at less than 200 euros, but its usability and adaptability are rather questionable. It is surprising that a brand with so much experience in the manufacture of household appliances has not found the formula to offer a camera with a more effective design.

Elephone EleCam Action Camera 360°

It is another favourite of many critics thanks to its undoubted virtues. Check them out in the following list:

- It includes two 220° panoramic lenses which allows you to record 360° video with an unspecified resolution.
- It connects via Wi-Fi and is compatible with Android and iOS phones.
- Its 1500 mAh battery guarantees more than 60 minutes of use.
- Its connectivity via USB or HDMI is always efficient.

However, having to use a tripod to record confirms that it's a great sports camera, but it's not very well suited to being able to record a video of a specific room or space. Perhaps it lacks the ergonomics and adaptability to be considered as an option to consider.

Andoer® Detu Panoramic

It stands out for a series of advantages that confirm that it can be considered as an option to consider, as we will now tell you:

- Its lens guarantees a resolution of 8 megapixels.
- It includes an option to record in Virtual Reality mode for a more immersive experience (although it is necessary to use the corresponding glasses).
- Built-in wifi connection makes it easy for you to share the content you record immediately.
- Includes support for SD cards of the TF class with a maximum capacity of 32 GB.
- Loop recording is possible.
- It is designed to be installed in any vehicle (in fact it includes a screw for this purpose).
- Its size contrasts with its wide-angle lens.

Is it a camera we would recommend? Yes, but to record all kinds of actions except the one you are interested in to promote your business. Its design complicates its usability.


Kodak PixPro SP360 360-degree Camera

It includes ideal alternatives to rely on its design. It is backed by a brand that is renowned for its adaptability:

- Its wide-angle lens allows you to record videos and capture excellent quality images.
- Includes a 16-megapixel MOS sensor.
- Withstands low temperatures.
- Dirt, moisture and shock resistant.
- It is compatible with wifi and NFC.
- You can control it from your mobile phone.

It adapts well outdoors, but not so well indoors. It lacks mobility, usability and ergonomics so that you can use it like the Ricoh models shown above. Also, its robust design seems to be more suitable for other types of lenses.

We hope we have helped you learn about the most effective 360° cameras for virtual tours and, above all, that you have the necessary clues to choose the model that best suits your specific needs. Check out our tips and you're sure to find the ideal camera to get the most out of it.


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