Interview with João Carlos

João has had almost 20 years in real estate, not only in the national but also in the international market and has always worked in large international real estate agencies. João is currently working as an independent Real Estate Agent at eXp Portugal. eXp Portugal, is the result of the international expansion of EXP Realty Global, today the biggest network of independent real estate consultants in the world with more than 80K consultants and present in more than 18 countries, with an innovative and disruptive concept, adapted to the real estate market of the XXI century.

To begin with, tell us a bit about yourself. Why did you decide to start a career in real estate?

Before embracing this activity, I had long dreamed of joining this sector, but for various reasons I kept putting it off until one day the opportunity knocked on my door and I didn't hesitate!

You have worked as a Consultant for Remax. What was this experience like and how was it incorporated into EXP?

Until I joined eXp, I had already been in the real estate sector for many years. The concepts are completely different, but if I'm at eXp today, the path I initially followed at REMAX was very important. The REMAX training school is very dynamic and it is not by chance that all the consultants who have passed through this brand, all have the same standards, commercial aggressiveness (in the good sense) and good professional skills.

When I arrived at eXp, I had left Remax a long time ago and I had the opportunity to embrace other projects which were also very interesting and which undoubtedly contributed to giving me more knowledge and experience. The eXp concept is very different to traditional real estate agencies, it allows us greater freedom and we operate as true entrepreneurs with total autonomy, with remuneration above the competition. In addition, it has a unique technology in the Metaverse, where we benefit from daily training, in addition to all the back office support, legal, administrative and others ...

I can see that you have around 20 years of experience in the industry. What are 3 pieces of advice you would give to a new agent?

As someone said, "if opinions were good they wouldn't be offered, they would be sold! "(laughs). In any case, as with other activities, training, personal organisation, friendliness and ambition are undoubtedly the pillars of success!
Don't forget that we don't sell anything, we just mediate.

Who are your references?

I have some, but out of respect and to avoid disrespecting others who would be forgotten, I prefer not to mention any of my preferences. However, as we gain experience, we should develop some altruism for ourselves and it only does us good! (lol)

How do you think the Portuguese property market has developed over the last year?

I have worked in other international markets, as I mentioned, which are also very competitive, but comparatively, we are in no way inferior, quite the opposite. We are innovative and creative in the technical methodologies implemented. As Portugal is undoubtedly in fashion for international investors, property growth is a consequence of this demand and augurs well for a bright future. Let us be patient and success is GUARANTEED!

How did you hear about Floorfy and what benefits do you think our technology will bring to the Portuguese market?

These technologies, like others, are indispensable tools that enhance and complement others, such as "meta search vs market research", social networks, digital marketing..., which are undoubtedly reflected in the final quality of the services provided to our clients.

We are in a sector with a lot of competition and differences are increasingly made in small details... The criteria in choosing Floorfy as my business partner was due to the comparative tests with other players that are also in the market and that I found to be better. I was not indifferent to what was made available by Floorfy, compared to others, such as the various packages at our disposal, the ease of the concept and the quality of your services, undoubtedly of very high quality.

What will the real estate sector look like in five years' time?

It will continue to be one of the most dynamic sectors of our market if all the players work in the same direction, with local authorities speeding up the processing of projects, and builders and architects being innovative, based increasingly on green and sustainable technologies for the environment. Let's hope that the economy in general does not slide, with unpredictable increases in interest rates, which could inhibit further growth in this sector.


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