Interviews with Real Estate Experts: Artur Cardoso

Artur has a vast experience in real estate, with more than 25 years in the sector. Artur is the founder of Casas de Sotavento, a real estate agency with many offices around all of Portugal. It is leading the east of the Algarve, with more than 2,000 properties owned by individuals, companies, banks and associations. He is an incredibly successful individual and an all round great guy. Artur is one of our top clientes and we feel honoured to interview him.

Hi Artur. Why did you start a career in the real estate sector?

I started my career in Lisbon when I sold the shoe shop "GISELLE" in Rua Augusta which belonged to our Cardoso family. I moved my life to the Algarve and opened 10 ERA. After 6 years with ERA, my want to grow and transmit my knowledge to others led me to meet Don Piso. I created a company with a childhood friend and we signed a franchise contract with Don Piso for Portugal.

You worked as the director of expansion for Don Piso. How have you incorporated this experience into Casas Do Sotavento?

In Don Piso, as director of expansion, I had a tremendous experience travelling around different cities in Portugal talking to various types of entrepreneurs. We opened 6 shops in 6 months and the support of the brand was very good.

What are the most important characteristics to be a successful agent?

Presentation, Etiquette, Punctuality.

Which kind of property do you like working with most?

The area of real estate projects.

How do you think the Portuguese real estate market has changed in the last year?

The market has been on an upward trend due to strong demand pressure.

You highlight that you put a strong focus on technology. What is the importance of technology in the sector?

It is of vital importance that we adapt to the this new reality for many different reasons, such as, COVID and distance.

What benefits do you think our software will bring the Portuguese market?

I came across Floorfy through an internet search, as I was looking for a more communicative tool with customers and I think Floorfy is going to revolutionise the sector.

How do you see the sector 5 years from now?

I see the sector in 5 years with an aspect of something different. Artificial intelligence and new information technologies dominating daily lives.


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