FLOORFY lands in the UK! 

We are pleased to announce the launch of Floorfy UK as the first strategic step in our European expansion.

The Floorfy UK team will be based in London and are very excited to bring the spirit and innovation of Virtual Tours to the UK property market. Ryan Sharma, Chris Meadows, Colin Levene and Paul Bennett make up the Floorfy UK team and together they bring decades of experience in real estate as well as a strong passion for industry innovation. 


Why the UK? 

After an unusual year caused by the COVID-19 Global Pandemic, the UK property sector is finally catching its breath. The combination of "working from home" and stamp duty holidays created a new market.

City dwellers decided to pack their bags and move out of the big cities. Now that the stamp duty holiday is over, and many companies are implementing a hybrid or full-time return-to-work policy, some are starting to consider moving back to the cities, but many are happy with their new life.

Only time will tell whether companies maintain the work-from-home policy and whether longer commutes become burdensome. In any case, the housing market remains strong across the UK and is likely to remain so if interest rates remain low.

Meet the FLOORFY UK team

Ryan Sharma 

Ryan set up his production company in 2014 and has created video content for some of the UK's biggest brands. Passionate about technology and having worked with top residential and commercial estate agents and developers across the UK, he quickly realised there was a gap in the market to ensure the customer journey from viewing to purchase was more seamless in line with the expectations of today's tech-savvy consumers who want the option of a hybrid digital/physical journey.

Accordingly, Ryan sought out the best real estate technology providers across Europe and for the past eighteen months has been working with Floorfy, a highly successful Spanish real estate technology company based in Barcelona. This has culminated in Ryan's appointment as Managing Director of Floorfy UK. Speaking of Floorfy UK's aspirations, "Floorfy has rapidly expanded into mainland Europe becoming Spain's number 1 provider of virtual viewing software. With Floorfy UK now up and running, we intend to replicate the success in our home market".

Joining Ryan are three business partners who have established successful careers in a range of business disciplines including property, Fintech and SaaS solution provision.

Chris Meadows

Chris Meadows, a successful developer in London and the South East, Chris’ innovative approach to developing & sales led him to the virtual sales world in 2019. In a world where time is often limited he considered his team could take their properties to their prospective customers. His research led him to Spain & Floorfy.

They were already well established in Europe and were the only company who combined an excellent 360 tour with an interactive sales platform. When Covid struck in March 2020 the system became a lifesaver. Chris says, “Working with Floorfy over the past 18 months has shown me the future of property sales. Their interactive sales system is the very best and I’m proud that our business can now represent Floorfy in the UK”.

Colin Levene

Colin Levene is a serial entrepreneur with a strong accounting background. Over the past 40 years he has been CFO of three leading property companies. Working alongside Meadows for almost thirty years he was delighted to join the Floorfy team in 2020. Colin explains, “Property sales are changing and not just because of Covid. At Floorfy we’re fortunate to be partnering with property agents in both rentals & sales who understand their customers. The Floorfy package of 360 tour, video, floorplan & still pictures costs around £27 all in. It’s a huge saving for the agent whilst improving the quality of their presentation!”

Paul Bennett 

Floorfy UK are delighted to announce the appointment of Paul Bennett as a senior business advisor. Ryan Sharma MD of Floorfy UK said, "Paul Bennett has demonstrated over many years his expertise across the international automotive and financial services industries in UK, Europe and APAC. We targeted Paul as he brings a wealth of knowledge of successfully launching and scaling B2B and B2C SaaS solutions. He has demonstrated time and again that his knowledge and expertise combined with a healthy dose of pragmatism shapes strategy and drives commercial success. We are very excited to have Paul with us as we develop the Floorfy (UK) offering so that it becomes accepted as the defect industry standard for Virtual Viewing. Initially we will focus solely on deploying our solution across the retail and commercial property industry, thereafter diversifying into other commercial sectors''.

We are all incredibly excited for the launch of Floorfy UK! Head on over to the Floorfy UK social media for real estate tips and tricks, real estate interviews and examples of our virtual tours. 


Instagram: @floorfy_uk

Facebook: FLOORFY UK

Twitter: @FloorfyU


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