Decorating a house is an art that enables you to turn a simple place into something very different and welcoming, sophisticated or any style you want to achieve.

You don’t need to be a professional decorator to achieve this goal, with dedication and observation you can turn a house into an extremely attractive space so that all its charm stands out in the photos that will be published in the estate agency for negotiation.

It has always been said that a picture is worth a thousand words, so this phrase should be taken into account, so as to highlight all the attraction of the house in the pictures taken. A good image can awaken many sensations and generate a desire to obtain that house.


1. First preparations

2. Deep cleaning

3. No pets

4. A cosy living room

5. Beautiful and elegant decoration

6. The perfect photos

First preparations

The first thing you must take into account is the specification of the style you want to obtain, the materials available, the time available, the budget available and a camera with very good resolution.

A very common strategy for these cases is Home Staging, which consists of preparing the layout of the house as if it were staged, which highlights the decorated spaces very well , but in a simple way, with clear colours and good lighting. The objective is to project the best possible image of the house so that it is captured on a photographic level and is an excellent presentation card in the real estate portal, and at the same time manage to sell the house at the best possible price. It is not about remodelling a house, it is about preparing it to be sold by showing it in an attractive way with a minimal investment.

Deep cleaning

The house must be prepared, everything that is in the way and all personal objects removed, everything must be thoroughly cleaned, especially in the bathrooms and kitchens, everything must be impeccable and shiny. Check if a coat of paint is required to renovate the rooms and present a very well cared for house. You should also consider whether any repairs are needed, to ensure that everything is in optimum condition.

Tidiness will be a factor that will benefit the good image of the house, no scattered toys, no overloaded spaces, it is advisable to opt for a minimalist style that highlights the available spaces of the house, its functionality and its potential.

A spacious and ventilated atmosphere should be created, with clear communication channels, which will cause a sensation of spaciousness. It is very useful to turn on the lights, even during the day, as well as opening curtains or blinds, letting all the natural light in and achieving a very well-lit space.

Pay a lot of attention to the entrance of the house, show a very clean door, in good condition, well painted, with a knob in good condition, you can even place some flowerpots at the sides of the door to generate a cozy atmosphere that encourages peope to enter that home, this image can be captured in a good photograph, well focused and illuminated.
As previously mentioned, special attention should be paid to the presentation of the bathrooms and kitchen showing an impeccable and bright atmosphere. Clean all the tiles very well, removing any remaining moisture or mould on the joints, put new towels, remove personal items.

No pets

If you have a pet, make sure they are not in the photographs or in the visits of the possible buyers, it is preferable not to incorporate them as there are many people who love animals but others do not, or they may be allergic, or they dislike the very idea of imagining an animal in the house, even if they only feature in photographs.

A cozy living room

It is important to consider the presentation of a cozy living room, with a good sofa, that looks comfortable and inviting. In addition, a sofa in any home represents a meeting point or family gathering, where you can enjoy good moments, talking, reading, among other things. It is necessary to look for the connection with the emotional factor, to capture the total attention of the possible buyer. We suggest you review a selection of sofas online so that you know the different existing styles, perfect for an excellent home decoration.

Beautiful and elegant decoration

It is possible to incorporate materials that are trendy and highlight the beauty of the spaces of the house within its decor. Natural stone is one of these materials, bringing a touch of elegance and sophistication to the environment where it is used, be it the walls, floors, showers, exteriors and interiors. These very beautiful and durable coverings are available in various tones and collections that will complement the design of the house, and will undoubtedly capture the attention of the potential buyer. They are design elements that are worth highlighting in the photographs.

Furthermore, it should be taken into account that real estate agencies, apart from presenting the houses for sale through photographs, also offer virtual tours of the houses, and it is important to highlight all the competitive advantages of the house you wish to sell.

The perfect photos

With the photos you take, it is convenient to integrate as much space as possible. Focus well, place the image at eye level, and take advantage of good lighting. Take several pictures, do not limit yourself with the quantity, select the best one to be the cover of the advertisement, include several shots of the different environments of the house. It is also convenient to incorporate photos of the outside of the house and the area where it is located.You should also include a plan of the house.

The photographs of a house for sale should offer a neutral image, in order to allow the potential buyer to imagine living there. In this way and following these tips, you will be able to quickly conclude the sale of a house, and the photos taken will be the best start to the negotiation.

Image by Aubrey Odom via Unsplash


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