The way to buy or rent a home has changed completely since we immersed ourselves into the digital age. The internet democratized a process that previously was entirely controlled by the agency itself or by “word of mouth”, being today the co-stars of search engines and housing portals alongside real estate agencies. In this process, the APIs have had to be completely adapted to a new form of property and visitor management that still resumes to this day. How they are presented and how they reach the user are the keys to success.

Thus, a good service is not contemplated without real estate marketing solutions that improve access to properties for sale or rent, especially through mobile devices as the latest trends mark. Terms such as PropTech are becoming more common and users are able to make huge filters in their searches that make invisible those properties that have not been adapted to these technologies. Increasingly fine filters that even offer 360º images of the property to save time and avoid unnecessary movements.

For this reason, virtual reality is one of the mechanisms that currently simplifies the process, and for this reason today we are focusing on how to take 360º photos of a property, which will help to encourage sales.


Advantages of taking 360º photos of real estate properties

The images that we put in an advertisement or property file are decisive towards the client interests in their rental or purchase. If the images are scarce, of low quality, or not realistic enough, the client either shows their disinterest or is forced to arrange a face-to-face visit to resolve their doubts in person, resulting in a potential loss of time for both themselves and for the agent.

This issue currently has an easy solution through virtual tours of the property, thanks to the use of 360º cameras.

With them we can offer images of the house from all angles. The agent only has to go to the property, take the photos and upload them in a very practical and intuitive way with the Floorfy software. In this way the agency optimizes its resources and dedicates them to the properties that may generate the most interest and demand but require visibility to do so.

On the user’s end, they have the option of taking a virtual tour of the house from the gallery section in a matter of seconds along with the benefit of having all the information and perspective on its condition like they would in a physical viewing.

Therefore, virtual tours fulfil the function of offering a visit to the property with the maximum degree of realism possible, avoiding unproductive appointments and improving time management for the estate agent.


How to take 360º photos of a property

To get the most out of the real estate virtual reality software, you only need a tripod to avoid movement in the images and a 360º camera that can be connected to a mobile as a remote control. The camera itself takes 360º shots without you having to do any snapshots manually.


After that, with the Floorfy virtual reality editor you can use the 360° images you have captured to create a dynamic tour that makes it easier for the client to “move online” through the rooms and be able to see details, finishes, lighting and distributions of the entire house.



Once these steps have been completed, you now have the tour to integrate into the listing of the house and, with this, the ability to reach a potential clientele more easily while saving time and resources. Still having doubts about the effectiveness of implementing 360º photos into your real estate agency?



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