Real estate copywriting

Find out what real estate copywriting is and how to use it

Real estate copywriting is now what we call both digital and traditional copywriting specific to this sector. Its goal is none other than to promote the services and properties that an agency has available to be bought, sold or rented out. One could say that it is a way of connecting with potential clients, which enables you to develop a more profound relationship and convince them to act in the way you desire. 


What is copywriting?

Copywriting combines neuromarketing and persuasive writing techniques to compose all kinds of text, in the hope that your ideal client carries out a specific action. This persuasive writing is not just a matter of writing, but doing it with specific intentions and objectives in mind, it is not the same as content marketing or content creation, which have the sole intention of feeding the user. 

Copywriting professionals or copywriters are capable of designing a text that will entice its readers and incline them to act in a certain wait, which could have something to do with making a purchase or not, it could encourage them simply to subscribe to your blog, click on a link or ask for the value of a property.

These texts don’t just sell, but also stimulate the imagination of consumers so they enwrap themselves in the message that it transmits. In essence, through copywriting you can help users make a secure decision with respect to a property. 

Texts and descriptions of properties in adverts 

Next we will show you a few simple steps with which you can apply real estate copywriting to your texts. Learn to stand out against your competition following these guidelines.

1. Avoid using generic expressions

In nearly all portals you can find adjectives that describe properties as incredible, luxurious, beautiful…this must be avoided. Instead of repeating yourself, you can make a difference by using descriptive phrases that awaken something in the reader. The important thing is to connect with the possible buyer and help them envision themselves living there. 

2. Get to know your audience 

In order to write a convincing text, you should know who you are writing for. For instance, a one-bedroom apartment will obviously be targeted at single people. On the contrary, a four-bedroom house will suit a family. 

This is very important as they each look for something different, in the second case the  parks and schools in the area would be very relevant albeit absolutely irrelevant in the first example, as well as access to public transport or shops that surround it.

3. Value proposition

This is what makes that property unique and different. Look for that special detail and reiterate it in the description of the property. You’ll soon notice that the visits to your property listing will increase. 

4. Be concise 

You must be able to say a lot in a few words to not bore your reader. Write an eye-catching title, list the advantages, describe the property and excite the potential buyers with your words. If, additionally, you accompany it with some great photos or, even better, a virtual tour, it will be much easier to interest them. 

Despite this, remember that brevity is not at odds with persuasion. Try to show at all times how potential buyers would feel living in the property that you’re advertising. Make them feel that they are already there and that it is the best decision they could have made. 

Calls to action

Call to action (CTA) buttons or phrases are invaluable for conversion and are one of the fundamental elements that you should forget about in real estate copywriting. These elements attract the attention of visitors to your webpage and encourage them to act in a certain way. What should calls to action be like? 

- CTAs should contain an attractive message. Avoid using some like ‘Click here’ or ‘Send’ 
- They should be visible and in an adequate position
- Their design must be focused on conversion 
- Remember that, if you do not ask your potential clients to carry out the action you wish them to, they will probably leave your page. Make it clear what they need to do. 


Positioning in real estate search engines

Everything we have shown you about copywriting should be used on the webpage of your agency and in social media platforms, but can also be useful in social media platforms…although writing your ad in them may not be enough. 

Persuasive writing will make possible clients look further into your property, but for this to function you must work on making sure your ad is one of the first to be seen on the page. If it ends up at the bottom, and buyers are too tired of looking at properties by the time they reach yours, having the best description in world won’t mean anything. 

But, how can you make your advert more visible? Working on your digital real estate marketing texts like you would on your SEO positioning.

Firstly, stop to analyses your potential clients and look for those key words that you believe you will use most frequently. They will be extremely important when positioning your advert. Additionally, offer as much data as possible. Think that a great number of filters are used to ensure that the portal the user is browsing through shows them only the properties that correlate with what they are looking for, so the more data you add the more likely itll be that your property will show up in results. 

Finally, don’t forget photos. They should be high quality, taken at the correct angle and show the qualities of the property clearly. 

The design and the offer of your website must be coordinated, but the icing on the cake is to have texts that highlight everything you want to promote. Direct the message in a very clear and concise way to your ideal client and present them with all the reasons why they should count on your real estate agency above the competition. To achieve this, do not hesitate to use the right real estate copywriting techniques.

Image from Pierre Bamin via Unsplash


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