PLANTILLA ENTREVISTAS CRWEATIVIDADES (1)-3Interview with Nuno Leite from NLimobiliaria

1. Can you tell us about your experience in the real estate sector?

My experience in the real estate sector is, first and foremost, a story of constant learning.
Since 1995, I have been dedicated to understanding the nuances and complexities of this market, especially in the Greater Lisbon region.
I started in the sales sector and later immersed myself in engineering and construction, which gave me a comprehensive and complete perspective of the real estate business.
Throughout this journey, I have experienced the euphoria of good times, the restraint of the toughest moments, and the resilience necessary to continue serving my clients with excellence and dedication.
It is the experience of the field, the daily pulse of Lisbon, and particularly Telheiras, that allows me to offer a highly quality and trustworthy real estate mediation service today.

2. What inspired you to become a real estate consultant?

Becoming a real estate consultant was a natural path. My passion for the sector, combined with my desire to serve others and make a difference in their lives, led me to this profession.
My inspiration comes from the possibility of helping people achieve their dreams, whether it's finding the perfect home or making a successful investment.
It's the human connection, the constant challenge, and the opportunity to contribute to the community that motivate me every day.

 3. How was NLimobiliaria born?

NLimobiliaria was born out of my ambition to provide an excellent service and a deep desire to create my own brand. I wanted to create a company that reflected my values and my vision of the real estate sector: a service focused on the client, trust, transparency, and quality.
Today, I see NLimobiliaria as a personal project that has become a reality and allows me to offer the mediation service that clients expect and deserve.
It hasn't been an easy journey, but each step was taken with conviction and passion, which leads me to confidently state that we are undoubtedly the right choice for those seeking excellent real estate mediation service in Lisbon.

4. How do you approach communication with clients and building relationships?

Communication with clients is, for me, the cornerstone of all my work. I believe that a solid trust relationship is the foundation for any successful transaction.
Therefore, I always seek to establish open, transparent, and effective dialogue, always being available to listen to the needs, concerns, and expectations of my clients.
And I believe it is this attention to detail and availability that allows me to create lasting and trustworthy relationships with those who seek me.

5. What do you consider to be your greatest strength in the real estate sector?

If I had to choose my greatest strength in the real estate sector, I would say it is my experience and deep knowledge of the Lisbon market, particularly Telheiras.
I have been following the evolution of this area since 1995, experiencing its transformations, challenges, and opportunities.
This knowledge allows me to offer my clients a unique perspective and informed advice, whether they are buying, selling, or renting a property.

6. Can you tell us about a successful sale or purchase you facilitated in the past?

I remember a sale I made a few years ago. It was an old family property with great sentimental value to its owners. However, the family now lived abroad, and maintaining the house had become a burden.
My job was to find a buyer who would value the history and character of the house, someone who could give it a new life without erasing its identity. After some time of searching, I found the perfect buyer, a young couple looking for a house with history to start their family. It was a sale full of emotions but extremely rewarding.
In the end, the previous owners felt that their house was in good hands, and the couple found the home they had been searching for. To me, this is the perfect example of how real estate mediation can make a difference in people's lives.

7. How do you stay updated on industry trends and changes?

Staying updated is crucial in such a dynamic industry like real estate. To achieve that, I engage in constant knowledge recycling through continuous education, participation in industry conferences and seminars, as well as regular reading of specialized publications.
Additionally, I am always in direct contact with the market, analyzing its trends and fluctuations.
After all, the best gauge of changes in the industry is the field itself.

8. How do you effectively manage your time when juggling multiple clients and tasks?

Managing time is undoubtedly one of the greatest challenges for any professional, especially in such a demanding sector like real estate. For me, the key lies in organization and establishing priorities.
I use task management tools that allow me to have a clear view of my commitments and deadlines.
Furthermore, I have a team of trusted consultants who help me ensure that all clients receive the attention they deserve.
Lastly, I always try to reserve some time for myself and my family; it is in that time that I can recharge and keep my mind focused and productive.

9. In your opinion, what sets NLimobiliaria apart from other real estate companies?

NLimobiliaria stands out for its customer-centered approach and commitment to excellence in all aspects of real estate mediation service. We specialize in the Lisbon market, with a particular focus on Telheiras, allowing us to offer a personalized service tailored to the local reality.
In addition, we value the trust relationship with our clients, providing constant and transparent support.
Last but not least, we have a team of highly qualified and motivated professionals who share the same vision and values as me and who work daily to exceed our clients' expectations.
I believe it is this combination of factors that makes us the right choice in the Lisbon real estate sector.

10. Has your agency (NLimobiliaria) changed the way it operates since the pandemic?

The pandemic has undoubtedly affected all sectors, including real estate.
At NLimobiliaria, we had to adapt to this new reality. We implemented more digital tools in our day-to-day operations, such as virtual property tours, video conferences, and digital document signing.
It was a challenge, but also an opportunity to innovate and optimize how we work.
However, we have maintained the essence of our approach, which is a commitment to personalized service and building trusted relationships with our clients.

11. In your 28 years of experience, can you talk about a moment when you faced a challenge with a client and how you resolved it?

Throughout my career, I have faced various challenges, but one that comes to mind occurred with a client who had a unique and very special property.
He had very high expectations regarding the sale price, which were above what the market was willing to pay.
It was necessary to work closely with him, presenting market studies, comparisons, and negotiating with potential buyers to reach a consensus.
In the end, we were able to find a buyer who valued the property as much as the seller, and the deal was closed satisfactorily for both parties.

12. How do you deal with difficult clients or negotiations?

Dealing with difficult clients or negotiations is an inevitable part of the real estate work.
In these cases, my approach is always to remain calm, patient, and above all, professional.
I seek to understand the concerns and needs of the client and work towards finding solutions that satisfy all parties involved.
Clear and transparent communication is crucial in these situations, as well as fair and respectful negotiation.
I believe that with empathy and determination, it is possible to overcome any challenge.

13. How do you use technology to improve your work as a real estate agent?

Technology is a great ally in the real estate sector. I use various digital tools to optimize my work.
For example, I use online platforms that allow me to search for properties, compare prices, and analyze market trends in real time.
In addition, NLimobiliaria has adopted virtual tours, which allow clients to explore properties conveniently and safely.
We also use task management systems to organize our work and ensure that all appointments and deadlines are met. And of course, digital communication is essential for maintaining a close and constant relationship with clients.

14. Can you describe your process of researching and identifying properties for clients?

The process of researching and identifying properties is a meticulous and personalized task.
It always starts with a clear understanding of the client's needs and objectives. This involves in-depth discussions about what they are looking for, whether it's a specific type of property, a particular location, a price range, among other factors.
Once I have a good idea of what the client wants, I start researching properties that meet those criteria. To do this, I use various tools and resources, including real estate databases, industry contacts, and of course, my own experience and knowledge of the local market.
When identifying potential properties, I analyze each one in detail, considering not only the property's features but also its potential for appreciation, the market situation in that area, among other factors.
Once the most promising properties are identified, I present them to the client and organize visits if they are interested. This is a process that requires time, knowledge, and dedication, but it is extremely rewarding when we can find the perfect property for the client.

15. How do you ensure that all parties involved in a transaction are satisfied with the outcome?

Ensuring that all parties involved in a real estate transaction are satisfied is a delicate dance of managing expectations, clear communication, and fair negotiation. My commitment to excellence, inspired by the words that have always guided me: "We can be good at many things, but excellence is for those who dedicate themselves to work with body and soul, focused on a single goal."
Allows me to do this work with dedication and care. Through open communication, I strive to understand and meet the needs of each party, ensuring that everyone feels valued and heard.
Following up on each transaction beyond the closing of the deal is also crucial to ensure the ongoing satisfaction of all parties involved.

16. How do you measure the success of your company?

Measuring the success of NLimobiliaria goes beyond numbers and profits.
Of course, those are important indicators, but I believe that the true success of a real estate company is measured by the satisfaction of clients and the impact we can have on their lives.
For me, each client we can help find the perfect property, each seller we can assist in getting a fair price for their property, each transaction we mediate smoothly and efficiently, is a measure of success. I also consider the development and satisfaction of our team as important indicators of success. A motivated and fulfilled team is the key to excellent service.
And finally, our reputation and market presence are also indicators of our success.
When we are recognized as a trustworthy company, committed to quality, dedicated to always mediating with the best interest of our clients in mind, then I consider that we are on the right track.
That's why we know that we are achieving our goal of excellence. And only then does our motto make sense: "We give meaning to the word Trust."





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