Interviewing Pedro Álvarez

Today we had the opportunity to interview Pedro Álvarez, founder of BCN Flats, a real estate agency with a large presence in Barcelona. Pedro told us how he got into real estate after working in marketing and advertising, and how he created his own company. 

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To begin with, tell us a little about yourself. How did you get into real estate?

Well, I started in 2002, after having worked in the marketing and advertising sector in several agencies in Barcelona, where I could see a lot of room for improvement in the marketing and advertising of real estate and creating a new project:

Describe a typical working day for you.

For me every day in my professional life is different. But day by day, I try to apply all possible techniques to improve relationships with clients who trust us.

How has technology evolved in the real estate market over the last few years?

Exponentially. Truly, the speed of the changes that have taken place has been staggering. New digital sales techniques have changed the real estate world and will continue to do so at an even faster pace. In my opinion, agencies that do not adapt to this change will become obsolete.

How do you acquire properties?

Our property acquisition methodology is predominantly based on referrals, as well as loyalty from returning clients. 

What are the most useful technological tools you use in your daily work as a real estate agent?

In the majority of the properties that we manage exclusively, we primarily use 360 virtual tours, professional photography, and digital videos, as well as floor plans and digital rendering 

How do you use social networks to promote properties?

We aim to communicate all of our marketing and communication actions through social networks in order to have greater awareness and credibility in the eyes of our clients.

What are the current technology and marketing trends in the real estate industry?

Increasingly, real estate agencies are using digital marketing to communicate with our clients and I think this trend will only continue developing.

How do you use images and videos to show the properties you are selling?

Our coordinator Laura is responsible for choosing the images and videos, and prioritizing images that may be of interest to clients, in this way we can stand out from the other agencies.

How important is it for a real estate agency to have a good online presence?

In our company, we prioritize collaboration with other colleagues and advertisement quality over quantity. We focus on quality as we recognize that we can not compete with larger platforms that spend more on their advertising strategy and have more resources. That is why we are members of the APIALIA EIXAMPLE association, which enables us to have a global vision.

How do you differentiate yourself from the competition using technology and marketing?

Unlike some other agencies, we provide technology and marketing tools such as home staying and online digital valuation. In this way, we can attract new clients.

What is the impact of technology on the process of buying and selling a property?

It is very positive, in the medium and long term.

How do you make sure that customers are satisfied with the service you provide?

We encourage all our clients to submit a review on Google and that helps us enormously with our market position. 

How do you encourage your clients to recommend your services to their friends and acquaintances?

We always strive to inform our clients of the possibility of being able to manage their properties, both for sale and for rent, with a free online valuation.

What would you recommend to someone who is just starting out?

I would recommend three things:
1.      Provide value within the real estate industry.
2.      Implement management automation processes.
3.      Undertake continuous training in the sector. 


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