Franchisee of the Casa Agency, it has a team of professional real estate experts in the area of Llefià, La Salut and Artigues-Sant Adrià. Their experience in the real estate sector and a large list of satisfied customers endorse their work.


Hi Daniel! To begin with, tell us a little about yourself. Why did you decide to start a career in real estate?

I decided to start a career in real estate because I had acquaintances working in the area and they recommended the sector to me. The Agency House started as a job opportunity and then the career development became more and more important, with the opportunity to be able to have my own company.

Describe a typical working day for you.

A typical working day in our offices starts with an early morning meeting with the whole team to organise, visits with buyer clients, possible proposals and meetings with owners, we set up sales strategies for each property. Throughout the day, we strategies are put into action throughout the day. At the end of the day we take stock of what has been achieved and what is pending for the next day.

What does La Casa Agency offer in the real estate market?

La Casa Agency offers a wide range of services, but without a doubt the most important thing is transparency, speed, reliability, excellent personalised service for each of our clients.

How have the demands of your clients changed since the pandemic?

I think that the main difference between the current and pre-pandemic demands is in properties with outdoor spaces such as balconies, patios and terraces. There is also a greater importance given to the visual material that can be visual material that can be provided in publications and contact prior to the visit, so that the client arrives at the visit quite aware of what he/she is going to see. Finally, it is worth mentioning the downward trend in the purchase and rental proposals, on the price of the property, due to the feeling of crisis that has been implied in the media.

Tell us a bit about how you got to know Floorfy.

We got to know Floorfy through advertising. They contacted us to offer us their services and we subsequently came to an agreement on the offer.

What are the plans and objectives of your office in the Spanish market for the coming year?

Our objective is to continue consolidating our office in Badalona, guaranteeing an increasingly professional team capable of providing the best service to all our clients. On the other hand, we plan to our plans are to give the opportunity to grow to those who are ready to open a new office.


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