Good afternoon friends of Floorfy, it is a pleasure to share my professional career with you and to be able to collaborate with your brand, which I respect due to the great work you are doing as a leading startup in the real estate sector. 

I will be brief, Edgar is a young entrepreneur, businessman, sportsman, friend of his friends, family, animal lover, nature and passionate about the Real Estate Sector together with Digital Marketing.


Hi Edgar! To begin with, tell us a little bit about yourself. Why did you decide to start a career in real estate?

Honestly, I decided to start in this sector because of self-education, I love reading about financial intelligence, self-help, emotional intelligence, leadership. 

Through reading, I discovered an author who blew my mind, none other than the famous Robert Kiyosaki, who talks about finance and the real estate sector as one of the best ways to make a fortune.

Then over time I realised that he was absolutely right, it is a sector that if you know how to move and surround yourself with great professionals you can earn much more money than in a traditional job and now with digital tools you can save a lot of money that before we had to invest to end up selling a house.

Describe a typical working day for you.

Nowadays I am no longer in the real estate business, but now that I dedicate myself digitally to my clients (real estate agencies) I treat them with a lot of love as if their business were my business, because I know that their success is the success of our agency.

A typical day I wake up at 8:00h - 8:30h and I connect at 9:00h with my business mentors to outline actions and offer our best version to our clients. Then I have breakfast and around 10:00h I start with the agency work to review strategies and weekly actions that we will develop with our clients so that the goals previously set with them are met. To transform our clients' Real Estate Agencies and take them from point A to point B, we need a strategy, a plan and then a system to be able to act and analyse if the objectives are being met that will allow us to move forward week by week. 

I try to focus as much as possible to have the afternoons half free for me, to practice sport in nature. I am currently very hooked on Kitesurfing, it allows me to be strong with health and gives me inspiration that I transfer to my business to create together with my clients' businesses. On the days when I can't kite surf I practice running and functional training which are also powerful to have peace of mind and good energy. I try to take good care of my daily energy in order to offer quality to my work and family relationships. I try to go to sleep at a reasonable time along with my daily reading and rest because tomorrow another adventure begins.

And tell us a bit about how you got to know Floorfy.

I got to know Floorfy through work colleagues. Luckily in this sector when you meet an agent or agency that is a bit up to date, you quickly see what they are doing, how they work and you find out what tools they use. Through one of your ambassadors I was able to meet you and investigate what your digital tool was all about, so I congratulate you for the brand ambassador strategy, it really reaches new potential clients. 

What is your favourite feature of Floorfy?

I love that Floorfy is a digital tool that saves you time and money, I wish I had known about it earlier in my ex-business, I'm sure it would have saved me frustration, gas money, time and stress with visitor management. 

The fact that from your mobile phone you can make a complete "virtual tour" of the property with your potential client remotely interacting without moving from your office or from your home, greatly facilitates the connection between Real Estate Agent and end client and if you go ahead you already have half a relationship made in a genuine way with the qualified lead that in the other way was more complex and the filtering of that lead was colder.

In your opinion, what are the advantages of using social media in the real estate sector?

There are many advantages, and for that you have to know how to use social networks (RRSS) to not get intoxicated along the way, to give you an idea I throw you some data 50% of the world population (3. 800 million) of users are in RRSS on a daily basis, 84% of people have access to the internet that is to say they use RRSS, every day on average we spend 2.5 hours on RRSS if not more, 73% of companies recognise that RRSS are positive for their business, your client your "buyer persona" is on the internet and uses RRSS and 91% access through mobile devices. Do you really think that all this volume of "potential clients" are going to walk past your office and look at the bargain flats you have captured this month? I'm telling you NO, that's why the world has changed and so has the way of selling, in this case Floorfy is an ideal partner to surf the wave successfully and not be left swallowing water in the middle of the sea.

I am a faithful believer that Social Networks are here to stay and nowadays the work of a good personal brand in the case of Real Estate Agents or a good corporate branding in the case of Agencies, will be fundamental to stand out from the competition, connect with your clients faster, capture more and consequently sell more properties. It is the way to connect with the outside world where originality, professionalism, humility, clarity and transparency when contributing to your community will be the key to success in the real estate business.

I understand that there are many agencies that miss these issues of digitising their brand, but it is important to be updated and if they do not have time to learn it is important that they invest in hiring a good professional to help them in this area because at the end of the year they will see the return multiplied by at least two, this is where our Digital Marketing Agency specialising in the real estate sector came from.

How has the pandemic changed the real estate sector?

The pandemic made me reflect seriously, from one day to the next I saw how operations were postponed due to human contact (here is a business opportunity...I leave it there hahahah), visits were cancelled due to the fear of contagion, our turnover was paralysed and our fixed costs were still there without any help from anywhere. In truth, a tool like Floorfy would have been great for us to know it before to attend to all those clients that some of them were lost.

I think that the pandemic has made us take off from a semi-digital analogue model to reflect seriously and think about digitising our business models to the maximum, whether to be more productive or to have a much better quality of life than we had until now as estate agents. It is simply a question of adapting, not refusing change and doing it with a winning attitude while at the same time showing the advances to our traditional clients who have also been caught out by this digital change, in this way we will save ourselves from a big blow.

What are your plans and goals for the coming year?

I have always been very optimistic, looking forward to improving my work and family situation year by year. I think we are in the best year of our lives to make a change of chip, to update ourselves and to be more successful with our projects.

Personally, my plans are to scale the Digital Marketing Agency and create more jobs for Digital Marketing professionals (copies, CM, traffickers, media buyers, filmmakers) in short... professionals in this sector who want to develop their careers in a leading company in Digital Real Estate Marketing where our essence is to offer the best quality service to our clients without leaving the personal contact with them making them feel part of our family while we grow together taking care of the good vibes and proactivity.


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