Francesc Biel works for Metodee, a real estate agency in Barcelona.


Hello Francesc! To begin with, tell us a bit about yourself.

I am passionate about Barcelona, I love the architecture of this city. I enjoy the opportunity to get to know it through my work. In love with my family and my bicycle, sport helps me to put my ideas in order and gives me balance. My job gives me many possibilities, the possibility to enter emblematic buildings, to see the evolution of the economy over time, to offer offices of all kinds, from the utmost exclusivity to opportunities to start a business, and above all to deal with people and help them find their place in all business sectors. It's an absorbing and dynamic job, and I love it.

Why did you decide to start a career in real estate?

I have always been an entrepreneur. I started my business career at the age of 24 in the construction services sector, the 2009 crisis hit us and I reinvented myself. I know the real estate sector well, I have always liked it and I decided to invest my experience as an entrepreneur in the industrial sector. I had something to offer, to add value with the knowledge I had acquired and to help people who are entrepreneurs, looking for spaces that fit their type of business. From there, I jumped to the residential sector, trust is generated with the client and opportunities come.

Describe a typical working day for you.

There are no typical days. Our professional DNA is to deal with people, not properties, we want our clients to trust us, with personalised, professional and human treatment. Nobody is the same, no two days are the same. Our aim is to make it easy for our clients and we adapt to their needs.

How do you see proptech developing in the next few years?

It is necessary to have a large number of services that give quality to our work, from the photographic report, including virtual tours, 3D plans and service contracting platforms.

What are the challenges for estate agents in 2021?

 I have always believed that the most difficult challenge is to gain the client's trust, and that through their trust they allow us to advise them. To make it easy for them we give them personalised advice through our knowledge of the sector and the services we offer; we want their operations to run smoothly and safely. We have to level up to offer the best service. 

And tell us a bit about what you know about Floorfy.

I first knew about Floorfy a few years ago, in the middle of the expansion of their business project. I would like to think that I contributed a little with the advice I gave them as a customer. At that time I got to know their technology and I incorporated it into my business project to offer the best service. With the virtual tour you bring reality closer to the client with honesty and practicality. It is a very useful tool to work comfortably and safely, and as I said, it is part of our business DNA. It's making it easy.


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