Expert Real Estate Advisor in the Province of Barcelona. Specialised in Gràcia neighbourhood where I have lived and enjoyed its streets and shops for more than 20 years, Sagrada Familia neighbourhood where Century 21 BZ office is located and Montgat- Maresme where I have been living for 5 years.


Hi Isabel! To begin with, tell us a little bit about yourself. Why did you decide to start a career in real estate?

Since 1994 I have developed my professional career linked to the real estate world. I started out as an administrative assistant but I immediately enjoyed sales and I have worked in everything from the management of social housing to the management and advice on the sale and purchase of properties with Century21 since 2014.

Describe a typical working day for you.

No two days are the same! That's what is so exciting about this profession! Viewing visits, preparing properties for photography, virtual tours, home staging...

I am a person who works for people. Each property is a different story. That's why every day is different!

Tell us about your role as an Expert Real Estate Advisor.

To do my role as an expert in attracting and selling my sales clients, to give myself to them 200%, I dedicate myself exclusively to each of them, I personally take care of everything. They know that when a visitor knocks on the door, I will always be there. You can't be an expert in everything... and I decided not to work with buyers and/or rentals unless they are already clients of many years...

And tell us a bit about how you met Floorfy.

Well, both my mentor, Carlos Réntalo, and the Century 21 BZ Gestió Franchise, of which I am a collaborator, work with Floorfy and the truth is that it is very easy to do the Tour and the clients are very satisfied with the results.

What is your favourite feature of Floorfy?

How easy it is to apply and use... how much they help you if you don't understand something with the training they give so that you can get the most out of it. And being able to visit and meet buyers live! Obviously...

What have been the advantages of using Floorfy's virtual tours?

Let my customers see that my value worth it!

How has the pandemic changed the real estate sector in your opinion and how has it affected your work?

Thanks to my mentor Carlos Rentalo, I have become very digitalised and this has helped me to develop my work and to be able to offer excellent services.


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