In today’s interview, we talk to Manuel Barranco, from Grupo GescoPlus in Martos. The company has an innovative attitude, differentiating itself from other real estate companies in Andalusia with the technology it uses to enrich its clients’ experience, specifically Floorfy’s virtual reality software.  In addition to being a buying and selling platform, its staff is made up of economists, lawyers and technical specialists, offering a real estate advisory service to both the seller and the buyer.

Given GescoPlus’ progressive attitude, Manuel is well placed to offer his views on the present and future of the real estate sector. We spoke to him to find out more about his experience in the sector, how GescoPlus has adapted to the new situation, and his forecasts for the coming years.


Hello Manuel! To begin with, tell us a little about yourself. Why did you decide to start a career in the real estate sector?

From the Gescoplus Group, we saw an opportunity to apply new technologies to the service of the sector, offering through our Consultancy a multidisciplinary team to provide a comprehensive solution to both the seller and the buyer, hence our slogan “Gescoplus Real Estate, much more than a real estate agency”.

Describe a typical working day for you. 

I work a lot on the acquisition of properties for Virtual Tours, which facilitate the decision making process in such an important act as the purchase/sale of a property. When a client comes to our real estate agency, we give them the possibility of visiting several properties in a single act without having to travel or bother, facilitating and speeding up the decision making process, and accompanying and advising them throughout the whole process, giving them support in terms of financing, tax and legal matters, etc… 

What does the GescoPlus Group offer in the real estate market? 

A wide range of properties that can be visited virtually by the client, selecting the ideal profile for a satisfactory result. At the same time we carry out important collaborations in real estate developments, investment possibilities and projects, as well as comprehensive advice for both buyers and sellers.

How have your clients’ demands changed since the pandemic?

Confinement has led to a change in property search trends. Clients are opting for a type of property with open spaces and recreational areas.

And tell us a bit about how you got to know Floorfy. How do our virtual tours help you in your day to day?

We got to know Floorfy through social networks and the help is very important as the basis of our real estate business is the virtual tour. 

What are your agency’s plans and objectives in the Spanish market for the coming year?

The plans and objectives are both territorial expansion and tackling new markets and business areas.


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