Rodrigo Castro is a Sitges based realtor with a lot of experience in the real estate sector. He uses his social networks to create real estate content such as REELs on Instagram and we spoke to Rodrigo about his role as a realtor, the impact of the pandemic on the real estate sector and his plans and goals for the coming year.


Hi Rodrigo! To begin with, tell us a little bit about yourself. Why did you decide to start a career in real estate?

After many years working in the hotel industry, and with a change in my mind, a friend introduced me to this world, although I have always loved real estate. I started from scratch, I didn't have any kind of knowledge, fortunately in the company where I worked the training was always present and that added to the great colleagues I had, was fundamental to start my growth in the sector.

Describe a typical working day for you.

I arrive at the office at 9:30, turn on the computer, check the emails, answer if necessary, look at the agenda, do the actions that need to be done at all times, visits, follow-up calls, recruitment calls, new demands, editing photo reports (when it's time), organising documents, post-sales management... it sounds repetitive, but I assure you that no day is the same as the previous one, there are always different things going on.

Tell us about your role as a real estate agent.

I like to be able to solve the problems that my clients have regarding the sector, to guide them and help them make the best decisions at every moment during the sales process, to make them say to me at the end: it was easy, wasn't it? This means that I must have done well, I have made the difficult seem easy. I also work with buyers, with them I love to explain absolutely everything, from the beginning, as if I were teaching a child to walk, step by step, advantages and disadvantages in the market, disadvantages that can be found, warning them so that there are no unexpected surprises. I believe that our role is fundamental in a real estate transaction. I am not a mediator, I work as a representative of one of the parties.

How has the pandemic changed the real estate sector in Spain?

I think that contrary to what many said, the real estate sector has maintained and continued to grow, at least in the area where I work, prices have been maintained, we have been working from home, keeping in touch with our clients, this helped us a lot at the end of the quarantine, we have noticed an increase in the volume of work and sales transactions, it is clear that there was a change of mentality in people, looking for open spaces, gardens, terraces, areas with green spaces nearby. Fortunately, thanks to technology we have been able to make sales by video call, the virtual tour has made our work much easier as clients could visit from anywhere without having to travel.

And tell us a bit about how you got to know Floorfy.

I have known Floorfy thanks to Ivan from @imageninmobiliaria_ and other colleagues like @carlosrentalo, I think this tool is great, as I have already told you, it makes our work much easier and buyers love it.

What are your plans and goals for next year?

My plans for the next year are to keep growing in the sector, to keep learning, I still have a lot to learn and to keep making things easy for my clients, to make it easier for them to have a part of their lives and for them to keep recommending me.


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