My name is Alex, I am an entrepreneur of 30 years old and I live in Pineda de mar, a village north of the coast of Barcelona where my real estate business is based. I love dealing with people, Home Staging and reading a lot...


Hi Alex! To begin with, tell us a little bit about yourself. Why did you decide to start a career in real estate?

The real estate sector caught my attention from a very young age, when every time I went out of a commercial premises I would pick up magazines with advertisements of properties and start analysing them. It wasn't until a little over 2 years ago, helping my mother sell a property and finding her another one in the area where I live that I decided to pursue a career in real estate. That experience made me feel that I had the opportunity to help many more people with that dream...

Describe a typical working day for you.

That's the fascinating thing about real estate! I don't have a typical day, in this job, every day is different.  But obviously I have a work structure and a schedule. 

First thing in the morning, while I have my coffee, I go over the organisation of the day, which I prepared the day before and mark the key objectives for the day. As a general rule, I continue to deal with all requests, contact with my sphere of influence, take the opportunity to do prospecting, visits, etc. But as I said, the fascinating thing about this world is that every day is different from the previous one... And I love that!

Tell us about your role as a real estate consultant.

My main role is to show a different and effective way of working to buyers and sellers in a sector that is sometimes reluctant to change so much from the traditional model.  In addition to making an informative task through the networks.

I offer personalised treatment and constant follow-up, quality services such as Notarial Arbitration, Virtual Tours, Home Staging, digital signature, etc. Sometimes it is not quantity but quality.

These are key services that make the difference between meeting my clients' expectations and even exceeding them.

How has the pandemic changed the real estate sector in Spain? 

Different sectors were already in a very advanced process of digitalisation of companies, but it has taken a pandemic for the real estate sector to realise the benefits it brings and that in the not too distant future, if you are not there, it will be very difficult to survive.

On the other hand, it has made people ask themselves if they are really happy with their homes, increasing reforms to adapt them to their needs or migrating from cities to towns to have more tranquillity, space, terraces or gardens. In which towns like Pineda de Mar we have been immersed in an avalanche of demand for houses or flats with terraces, coming from Barcelona or the metropolitan area.

And tell us a bit about how you got to know Floorfy.

I like to train a lot, every time I finish a training, I start another one. In one of those trainings talking about Virtual Tours, I talked about how I was doing them and the dissatisfaction I had with the company I was doing them with. 

It was then that I was recommended Floorfy, a platform that focuses a lot on virtual tours for the real estate sector and after the demo I did with you I was delighted.

What are your plans and objectives for the upcoming year?

My main objective is to continue training myself in the whole process of digitalisation of the company and to add new key services that allow me to offer a more and more effective service.

On the other hand, I would like to continue to grow in my informative facet in order to provide as much information as possible to those people who need to sell or buy a property and to be a reference for them.

And as the third and last great objective, I would like to consolidate in my area and have a professional and young team with the same vision and mission as me.


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