Partnership between Branding Center and Floorfy

Carrying out flat viewings is part of every real estate agent’s daily routine. The agent meets with the client, shows them the property and provides all the necessary information. However, in today’s climate dominated by COVID-19, this practice isn’t always possible.

To make both the work of estate agents and the client’s searches easier, Branding Center and Floorfy have joined forces in an alliance that will facilitate access to virtual tours. Thus, customers can visit properties without needing to leave their own home.

What is Branding Center?

Branding Center is a specialist in real estate training, dedicated to and focussed on the training of agents in this sector. Alberto Conesa, expert in Professional Branding and SocialStrategizing, is their CEO, having worked with more than 700 estate agencies in Spain and the US.

Its work has been recognised by the European Institute for Technology and Innovation (EIT), as well as having become official trainers for Facebook’s European project ‘Progresa DigitalMente’. They provide real estate agents with all the necessary know-how to attract sellers and buyers to their offices on a large scale, bringing a necessary boost to get real estate sellers’ business ventures off the ground.

Strengthening your brand is essential to being successful, and to reaching both owners wanting to sell their properties and potential buyers interested in becoming property-owners. Things like automatization, mentoring and organic traffic management are some of the tools that this company offers. On top of these, thanks to this deal, are virtual visits: another way of reinforcing the brand of the real estate agency offering them.

Floorfy has developed a software, now available to Branding Center, that allows the creation of virtual tours of properties from a sequence of photos. The company’s software generates these tours in 360°. It already has more than 50,000 virtual tours available for real estate across Spain, and, of these, more than 3 million are carried out every month. In addition, the user has access to floor plans, 3D plans and high-definition photographs.

An agreement with many benefits

An alliance of this type is very beneficial for both parties. The students of this real estate academy can enjoy of having at their disposal virtual tours both throughout their training and when they come to differentiate their brand, putting their training at Branding Center to full use.

Step by step, they will acquire the necessary knowledge to grow, and, thanks to this deal, will be able to virtually tour the properties they offer, guiding their potential clients and putting into practice all the knowledge they have gained.

The digitalization of the real estate sector

The process of digitalization has reached every sector, and, although in the case of real estate this has been a bit slower, it has accelerated in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. More and more buyers are making virtual visits, and it is imperative that agents are prepared for this.

The process of digitalization and virtual tours are another way of overcoming barriers caused by mobility restrictions. However, as with any change, it’s essential that real estate agents are prepared to offer a more comprehensive service for their clients, both potential buyers and sellers, that will now see a reduction in the inconveniences caused by having to show their homes.

In short, this agreement between Floorfy and Branding Center will mean that students of this real estate academy will have one more tool when it comes to continuing their professional growth. A commitment to real estate digitalization will be one of the keystones of the sector in the near future, and agents cannot remain oblivious to it.


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