Partnership between and Floorfy

Since the arrival of the Coronavirus pandemic, many real estate agents have found themselves forced to adapt to the new situation. And, given the impossibility of carrying out property viewings in person, virtual visits were the best alternative. From this new reality the partnership between and Floorfy was born.

As part of this partnership, our COO Javier Biosca will be taking part in a keynote with Victor Noguera, co-founder of, and Carlos Carretero, co-founder of Rocketpin MX, on the 25th March. You can find the link here.

The event comes as part of the PropTech Latam 2021 summit. All 3 share a passion for technological innovation in the sector, and the event will take the form of a workshop, explaining the ‘success story’ in the management and commercialization of real estate assets, with the help of Floorfy and Rocketpin.


What is is a new real estate platform operating in Mexico City. Developed by two young entrepreneurs, Bernardo Cordero and Victor Noguera, this start-up has revolutionized the real estate market in Mexico’s capital.

Their method differs from tradition, as they do not simply buy and sell properties, but also renovate them. Thanks to this refurbishment, they achieve a quicker sale of a product that has been revalued, without increasing the cost for the buyer.

Continuing with this disruptive approach to traditional methods, they also offer an exchange service, which allows you to purchase a new apartment, even if your current one still hasn’t been sold. To do this, they guarantee the sales value for a certain period of time, so that the current buyer and future seller can know what budget they have available.

Similarly, they hope to team up with mortgage-brokers to enable funding for potential buyers, thus streamlining transactions and allowing an expansion beyond Mexico City for the year 2021.

However, the innovations don’t stop there. Their creators have also opted for the use of new technology in this sector, known as proptech. In doing so, they can offer the seller a quick evaluation of their building, without needing to visit it in person, for example. This noticeably speeds up the sales time.

Furthermore, with the new partnership they have arranged with Floorfy they go one step further along the proptech path, incorporating real estate virtual reality into their catalogue of services.


What are the benefits of this agreement?

This agreement brings, without doubt, a very important asset for In their search for modernization in a sector which, in Mexico, has existed for more than forty years without innovation, the services provided by Floorfy are a safe bet. The role that information and communication technologies now play is undeniable: online supermarkets, food delivery, even telematic healthcare?

And, in a world which functions through networks, it was inconceivable that a sector as important as real estate wouldn’t advance at the same speed. It’s certain that the turbulent and uncertain times in which we are living has incentivized real estate digitalization. However, although up until now there was an alternative, what is certain is that from now on it will be the norm.

The figures speak for themselves: the lockdown in our country entailed a record fall in trade, equal to what happened in the largest urban area of Mexico, CDMX, where the sale of properties plummeted by 31%. However, a virtual system of real estate visits will prevent an event like the pandemic from returning this sector to a stand-still.

With this type of service, a 360° digital twin of the entire property is possible. Not only that, but during the rendering process, 2D and 3D plans are produced, which can accompany the photos and videos on the online listing of the property, all automatically.

In short, with this partnership between Floorfy and, the latter positions itself as a start-up ready to revolutionize the real estate sector, and lead to a disruption in its traditional modus operandi. This is an innovation which is already attracting the attention of a range of investors.


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