Partnership between La Casa Agency and Floorfy

The digital tech solutions provided by Floorfy for real estate agencies are catching on among the major players in the sector.

La Casa Agency has joined the group of estate agencies that have opted for guided virtual visits as a commercial asset. It has seen, in these digitalization solutions, the perfect supplement to the service it offers its clients, as well as an invaluable bridge to achieving its expansion goals.

What is La Casa Agency?

With a firm plan and a commitment to constant growth and expansion goals, La Casa Agency started out in 2009. In little more than 10 years, and in a difficult period for the sector, it has not only managed to consolidate a prestigious individual brand, but now has more 60 offices in Spain, with branches in Italy, Mexico and now also Argentina.

Two strategies have been fundamental when it comes to consolidating its project with such success. A commitment to professional excellency, reflected in the high value it places on its human resources, has been one of the main factors in its success. The training of its members and its constant updating of legal and financial issues enable the agency to offer the best service to its clients.

This comes in addition to a talent retention policy that has been in place since the beginning. La Casa Agency offers its professionals stability and future growth potential, and it does so by supporting them from day one with outstanding working conditions.

Through this, La Casa Agency has managed to quickly establish itself in a sector in which customers, sellers and buyers are increasingly demanding value and the best services. This high qualification, focus on the client and commitment to the highest quality service has allowed the real estate agency to structure its business model in such a way that it can be exported. A large part of the infrastructure of the agency is franchised, with more than 60 offices under this system to date.

The commitment to modernity and new digital methods

From the outset, those responsible for the implementation of this project used the most up to date and modern formulas in their services and infrastructure, as the driving force behind its success. Only in this way could they offer their clients a fast and high quality service.

Digitalization has opened up new channels adapted to the times, to new uses and to the needs that arose to overcome a complicated situation in the economy, both at the present time and at the time of its birth.

This modern mentality and goal of excellence has made La Casa Agency especially predisposed and prepared to implement Floorfy’s solutions across the entire firm.

Thus, for the agency, this partnership means an additional boost to its expansion project and brand consolidation. Through guided virtual visits, augmented reality, 3D renders or commercial videos of properties, the agency has seen the possibility to bring its services full circle, and implement the tools it needs to develop its online revolution and get the most out of its work.   

More than 50,000 properties can now be viewed using virtual tours, amongst all the agencies that have opted for this comprehensive solution. The incorporation of major real estate companies into our partnership, such as La Casa Agency, makes a new reality possible in the real estate sector, with the potential to provide clients, completely online, with the properties themselves, as well as all the other necessary material to make the right decision.

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