In its desire to offer a comprehensive service to its customers, the Latin American real estate company Mudafy has opted to improve the digitalisation of its offer by partnering with Floorfy. In this way, all its customers in Argentina and Mexico will have at their disposal the possibility of creating virtual tours with which to reach more potential buyers.

Mudafy: the proptech that wants to revolutionise the real estate sector in Latin America

Friends for more than 15 years, Lucas Díaz and Franco Forte set out to modernise and improve the resources used in the real estate market. Throughout their lives and their respective careers, they realised that, in general terms, the user experience was not satisfactory, and that they could improve it in two ways: through the use of technology and by optimising existing processes.

They have combined efficient equipment management, improving and redefining the roles of their property agents, with other innovative processes such as professional photography and response systems. An obvious example came when they detected that most users prefer WhatsApp conversations to phone calls: from that moment they replaced and prioritised them, and now their process includes answering messages received during business hours in less than five minutes.

As its founders themselves define, their differentiating factor is the absolute priority they give to the user experience. Therefore, instead of exaggerating the positive attributes of a property or using excessively commercial language, they use tools that help to show the property with honesty and transparency. Quality photographs, well-organised descriptions or virtual tours help to see the property objectively.

Whoever enters your website with the intention of selling a house or flat can experience, from the very first moment, this customer orientation. After entering a series of data, an algorithm will compare the property with hundreds of similar properties on all real estate portals; then, it will give an estimated appraisal value that can be adjusted by requesting the intervention of a professional. And, from there, the user will enjoy a completely personalised and optimised service.

If the user wishes to buy a home, they will also enjoy a much more efficient and simpler process. It will cost less to find the house you are looking for, thanks to the marketing plans that Mudafy has in different real estate portals. This ensures that they reach the right buyers.

With this approach they have not only been able to improve buyer and seller satisfaction. They also help to reduce the buying and selling period considerably.

The advantages of their partnership with Floorfy

Unlike other business partners, Mudafy has not joined Floorfy to modernise or digitise its services. In this case, incorporating the virtual tours allows them to strengthen their brand and take advantage of the benefits of the product to fulfil their main objective: to offer an excellent experience.

To do this, agents visit properties with clients via video calls. During these virtual tours, they show them the strengths of the property and make sure to highlight all the important details. In addition, if the user so wishes, they can visit several properties with their agent in the same call.

As can be seen, Mudafy is a company that was born with the firm determination to revolutionise the real estate sector through technology. Since its creation, it has been committed to using innovation to its advantage, through big data and process optimisation. By incorporating virtual tours into their offer, they have managed to improve the quality of service, thus highlighting their brand value.


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