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Partnership between Rentalo and Floorfy

Carlos Rentalo has joined forces with Floorfy, ready to become one of our main partners in the adventure of digitalizing the real estate sector, with the state-of-the-art technology we have developed. This new tool has been incorporated into the pre-existing elements of his service, helping agencies in the sector to become market leaders.

Below you can discover how this well-known mentor can help you in a transformation that is gaining momentum. The internet is waiting to bring you new real estate opportunities. Are you ready to make the most of them?

Who is Carlos Rentalo?

He defines himself as mentor, consultor of real estate agencies, international speaker and executive coach. Beyond this business card, there is a professional who began his journey in the sector in 2003 as a real estate agent in Asturias. And, just a decade later, he became the marketing director for Spain and Portugal in an international real estate network.

His career took a 180° turn in 2017, when he decided to give up his job, to become a mentor of Spanish-speaking real estate managers and agents. Since then, his work in this field has not ceased, characterized by his huge international reach.

He affirms that his goal is based, currently, in enhancing the real estate sector. To this end, he advocates regulated professionalization of both advisors and managers. Another of his main goals is to continue building the community of ‘super real estate agents’, as he calls them, which he started working on less than five years ago. The courses, which he gives online, are the particular framework which have given rise to his growth.

But the courses are only one part of his selection of services. Carlos Rentalo also offers a consultancy service, publishes articles in a trade publication and takes part as a speaker in a series of events that take place throughout the year, in Spain and South America.

More than 8,000 professionals have attended his presentations. In his role as coach, he considers himself a guide that offers his know-how to those that still haven’t discovered their own strengths, so that they can increase their sales and digitalize their real estate businesses.

The benefits of the agreement between Carlos Rentalo and Floorfy

In his endeavours to make sector professionals understand that digitalization is as inevitable as it is beneficial, this real estate mentor insists on adapting agencies to the online world. In this sense, the agreement that we have achieved will allow countless Spanish-speaking  professionals to get to know virtual tours, and take the step of integrating them in their service.

Be aware of the importance of joining the revolution of the internet. And, as Rentalo himself highlights, it has many advantages not to be missed. He adds that the 360 degree tours are the closest you get to physically experiencing a house. And, for the buyer to purchase it, it is essential that they experience it too.


Carlos Rentalo summarises the benefits of integrating Floorfy’s virtual tours in a marketing plan

The unstoppable advance of real estate digitalization

Real estate digitalization is experiencing a revolution, thanks to virtual tours. They are, in the opinion of Rentalo, the way in which professionals of the real estate sector gain time and qualified customers, without forgetting the savings on travel costs. And all of this is without making a big effort.

The momentum that this process has experienced throughout 2020 is unprecedented. Now is the time to make a commitment to achieving a web-presence. The first effects are felt almost immediately, with the increase of the number of visitors of a property, as a result of a system that stays active 24-hours a day, and 7-days a week.

Learn about Floorfy’s cutting-edge technology through the teachings of Carlos Rentalo.


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