The real estate software developers SBInmo have signed a strategic alliance with Floorfy, thanks to which they will be able to improve the quality of their product and the satisfaction of their users. Since they work with corporate clients, they must bet on more efficient tools to improve their competitiveness. That is why their union with Floorfy will bring them great benefits, being able to improve the performance of their service and strengthen their position in the sector.

What is SBInmo?

This Mallorcan company offers solutions to real estate professionals through a versatile CRM, which also includes ERP functionalities. Its software is a unique tool for storing and consulting all the information on properties in the portfolio, creating dynamic distribution lists for clients, sharing documents in the cloud, and even organising the agendas of the entire sales team.

It also helps us to better manage our workload and be more efficient on a day-to-day basis. With it, you can keep a record with notes on visits, different contacts with buyers and other important events that you want to remember. If we wish, we can easily convert these notes into documents suitable for printing, and we even have the option of cross-referencing them with our database to find the perfect property.

Regarding the facilities to manage the properties, in SBInmo software we will find many useful functionalities. On the one hand, we will have a complete and easily accessible database, in which we can easily add as many details as we consider necessary: geolocation, images and videos from YouTube or Vimeo... On the other hand, we will be able to export all the records in an easy and intuitive way to our own website, to the main real estate portals or even to social networks.

Who benefits from all these utilities? Very simple: the profile of its clients are real estate agencies with medium and large teams, which manage large volumes of work. This type of professional wants efficient solutions that allow them to follow an organised system and provide a quality service to their clients.

What is the benefit of the union between SBInmo and Floorfy?

As it is an application that offers solutions to professionals, SBInmo needs adequate and very precise functionalities to solve the challenges that the sector faces on a daily basis. For example, the option to incorporate virtual tours adds an element to their platform that they can use as a work tool and to argue sales. The result of this alliance is, in short, a stronger business and a stronger brand.

All real estate agencies that consider it essential to be able to show the interior of the properties in detail will now have an excellent solution. From the SBInmo software they can add a quality and realistic virtual tour of the properties. There is no need to use other software or outsource it to third parties: everything is integrated in one place, and there is only one learning curve for the staff using it. In a word, it's all about efficiency.

On the other hand, those who do not have these processes integrated into their work system will also be able to use it, as another marketing tool. As we know, standing out in the real estate market is essential to attract the attention of buyers; therefore, adding our product to the software's service offering allows any client to position themselves as a dynamic, modern company with a transparent sales service.

Floorfy's strategic alliance with SBInmo is an excellent opportunity to expand the functionalities of its software and improve the quality of its service. Furthermore, as it is a technological company, this union strengthens its profile and positions it as a leading company.


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