Partnership Wasi and Floorfy

At Floorfy, we are super proud to add Wasi to our established partners! Wasi is the platform that unites different digital tools destined to facilitate the work of professionals in the sector. These will soon include our 3D virtual tours, integrated video calling system and many other features, which will undoubtedly be a great attraction for potential clientele.

What is Wasi?

Wasi is a qualified strategy platform whose principal objective is to simplify and speed up the work of those in the real estate sector. Founded in 2012 in Colombia, its creators were aware of the problems faced by real estate companies and how reluctant they were to share the information they had available. With this situation in mind, they set up an intelligent system that not only cross-checks different property data, but also compares the existing supply and demand that is being met.

In a few years, their inventory of real estate rose to 50,000 properties, whilst conquering a large part of America and making the leap to Spain. The company's managers claim that it is the best real estate software option; based on the fact that serves to organise all the information available of each property, whilst at the same time allowing the monitoring of the businesses set up and the communication established with the clientele. Amongst its many advantages, we'll highlight some below:

It offers a multiplicity of channels when it comes to sharing the properties that make up the real estate agents' portfolio. From social networks to email. All at the click of a button; it's as simple as that.

Property management is just as easy. The agent has a system at their disposal that helps them to keep all their inventory under control, always up to date, as well as to make it public on the portals of their choice.

It gives rise to synergies between different professionals thanks to the real estate network that can be created.

The management and efficiency of agent processes is increased, as it keeps track of telephone calls with customers, e-mails exchanged, visits, meetings, etcetera.

It enables the optimisation of the website to be used for the purchase, sale and rental of real estate, including software integration.

It facilitates the use of marketing tools and other equally useful resources. Thanks to all of them, the strategy that has been designed will be boosted.

What are the benefits of the agreement Wasi and Floorfy have reached?

As a direct consequence of the agreement reached between the two companies, our new partner can incorporate Floorfy's many innovations into their platform. Their range of tools will be increased with the 3D tours that we have developed, which are complemented by other features such as, commercial videos, video calls and automatic floor plans. All of these features give added value to the company that currently has no limits. What's more, they will also allow you to attract new customers, thanks to the showcase provided by the networks. 

The collaboration so far has been materialised by a Webinar on 26th November 2021. Titled '10 key tips to increase the capturing and commercialisation of your properties'. 

Virtual visits make it possible to multiply the number of clients who get to know a property, and do away with the limitations of physical visits. With the increase in total visits and the increase in clients that this means, the profitability of the agency grows. These are all benefits and Wasi's clients can now enjoy them.


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