38 Phrases to attract real estate sellers and exclusive listings

There are all kinds of phrases that can be used to attract clients to properties. And it has nothing to do with just any kind of nonsense, using the right phrases in the moment can determine whether you make a sale or not. Therefore, there’s no harm in knowing the most effective ones. That said, try not to use them simply for the sake of it, or excessively.  One must resort to them in the right moment, and refrain from applying them in general terms. Here are some phrases you should keep in mind. 

1. Phrases to attract clients to properties

2. Phrases that can help sell flats

3. Motivating phrases for realtors

4. Phrases that you should never say to an owner

5. Phrases to use during the negotiation

Phrases to attract clients to properties

When drawing in a client, your job is to act in the most persuasive way possible and convince them with strong arguments. It could be that you do not know how to break the ice, so keep these expressions in mind. They will help you in various complicated situations. 

“No one sells more flats in this area than our company.” Remember to indicate the city or district in which you find yourself. 

 “We are the estate agency that families in the area trust the most when finding a property.”

 “When you find your dream flat, confide in professionals with more than 20 years of experience.”

 “Local properties at attractive prices in ideal spots.”

 “Your new home, at an unmatchable price.” 

 “A true home is when you feel comfortable.”

 “If you want to make a new start, start by envisioning your future home.”

 “You will not find a house like this one at the same price in any other area.”

 “The best views and locations in the whole neighbourhood.”

 “Positioned on a road that has all you could ever need to live comfortably.”

With these phrases you will convince a client that they are looking at the perfect property. Try to mention them in moments where they are feeling torn or need that extra little push. In this way you will end up convincing them that they have found their new home. 

Phrases that can help to sell flats 

During the sales process, you need to stick to your guns and come across as convincing and attractive. The point of purchase is one of the most fragile moments of the process and any false move can lead you to lose out on the sale. Therefore you have no other option but to be tactful and choose the right moment to use one of these phrases that help to sell flats.

“It is a spacious and bright flat in the city centre, ideal for a small family.”

 “You are looking at a recently renovated penthouse apartment, with 3 bedrooms and parking . An unbeatable offer.”

 “This property is close to the park, something that improves any view.”

 “Comfort, luminosity and beauty just 15 minutes from the centre.”

 “I guarantee that you will not find anything like that in this area for a better price.” 

 “An entire flat, recently renovated and ready to live in.”

 “Many people are wanting to move to this district.”

 “A special flat that we had reserved for a demanding client.” 

As you can see, it is extremely useful pointing out the flat’s qualities, in how they suit the client’s lifestyle or how, from not making a decision in the moment, there is a possibility that another person could make the purchase. Encourage the client to have a few doubts but without pushing them. The point is to convince and persuade, rather than force a sale. Otherwise the client will start to stress out and could end up backing out. 

Motivating phrases for realtors 

The real estate sector can prove very tough. The tension that sales create, facing failures or continually moving from one place to another can take its toll on anyone. For these reasons, take the following phrases into account to stay motivated as a realtor no matter what may happen. 

 “Failure is nothing short of an opportunity to do better in future.”

 “Greatness does not lie within never having fallen, but in having always picked yourself up.”

 “Sometimes, when losing a battle, you find a new way of winning a war.”

 “Go in and do it, right or wrong, but get out there.”

 “Clients are not expecting you to be perfect. What they expect you to do is solve their needs here and now.”

 “Don’t make life complicated, be direct and do not look back.”

 “If your customers like you they will listen to you, but the key is that they confide in you. That is when they will talk business”

 “Every negotiation begins with a rejection. So, ask for more than you need and offer less than you can.”

 “When you meet with a client, don’t waste their time. Be direct and charming.”

 “Do not challenge the client, drive the negotiation. At the end of the day, you are not in a debate.”

Phrases that you should never say to an homeowner

Delicacy is your greatest ally. There’s no doubt that its best if you are direct, it is not worth being unfriendly, the goal is to maintain an amicable relationship with the homeowner. In the event that you do not know what to say, here are some things you should definitely never say to the owner. 

 “Buyers are not trustworthy; they can fool you.”

 “The ones from that estate agency are the worst, they are complete frauds.”

 “I have not even the slightest idea how the market is going to change, nor if it its currently good or bad.”

 “I think the building needs a good reform.”

 “Why is so much paperwork necessary?” 


Phrases to use during the negotiation 

During a negotiation you can end up exhausted, especially if the client doesn’t fully know what they want. You can end up making several u-turns, or even losing your temper. To avoid these issues, you can save a little bit of time and energy with these phrases that can be used during the negotiation.

 “I’ll concede in terms of this aspect, but we can compensate for it somewhere else”

 “I understand your point of view. However, the situation can develop better in this way”

 “We can arrive at a favourable solution for both of us if…”

 “I don’t think this will benefit either of us. What if we opted for…?”

 “I am not convinced, let me think about it again''

We hope that these phrases to attract clients to properties prove useful for you. And do not forget to keep composed and professional at all times: the key resides in adapting to each circumstance and try to win, but not to the detriment of the other person. Keep these phrases in mind, maybe they will save you at some point!


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