We know that it is very difficult to stand out from all the players in the property market.

In addition to other competitors trying to gain the trust of customers, you also have to stand out from the private sellers… But don’t worry: with the right real estate marketing techniques, you will be able to navigate your way through this complex environment. We’ll show you how!


Identify your potential client

Only when you know who you are and who you’re targeting can you send a clear and concise message about your services and differentiators. In the same sense that you don’t talk to your doctor and your family in the same manner, the way you address different audiences has to be adapted to their various profiles. That is why it is important that you pay special attention to identifying them.

In order to find out who your potential clients are, make a study of your services, the properties you work with and your working style; then compare them with the different types of buyers and sellers in the market. By understanding what your value proposition is, it will be easier for you to know who your services will be most useful to and what else they need.

If, for example, your strengths are agility, virtualization and flexibility, you will be more successful in working with younger people, as well as with entrepreneurs and professionals with little time. If you are able to attract buyers with high purchasing power, you always like to go one step further than the rest or you operate in an area with high-end properties, the luxury client could be your buyer persona.

Once you know who this potential client is, it’s time to dig a little deeper and study how he or she behaves and relates to others, what their lifestyle habits are, what type of media they consume, and so on. With all this information, you will have an excellent guide for making a decision.


Create valuable content

In recent years, and as a consequence of the massive presence of brands on social networks, the way in which customers relate to your brand has changed. If a while ago they only knew about them through advertising in the traditional media, nowadays users care about your values, the way you do things and other attributes beyond the product or service.

An example of this is the spread of inbound marketing. This discipline aims to ditch the traditional approach to relationships and stop asking “what can my customer do for me?’’ to start making decisions based on “what can I do for my client?’’. That is, of the need to create content of value for the user.

Once you have identified your value proposition, it will be easy for you to choose topics with which to communicate to your audience who you are, whilst helping them to solve doubts or problems. You can do posts related to decoration, renovations or financial issues. With all of them, you will transmit professionalism and experience in the real estate world at the same time as offering something valuable.


Show a social conscience

Empathy is a very powerful weapon. Through it we are able to create long-lasting emotional bonds, such as sympathy, friendship or trust. If you want to build a brand that lasts, approach your customer relationships from a closer angle, and be sure to humanise your business.

With testimonials from other satisfied customers, your audience will have the opportunity to see the benefits of working with you. Think of it this way: it’s not like having the gym owner telling you how great his business, but rather your best friend telling you about their experience and results. Even if other people’s experiences are narrated on your platforms, the message will get through better than when you tell it yourself.


Real estate portals

Nowadays it is practically impossible to sell property without being present on real estate portals. They are an excellent platform to attract attention to your property portfolio. However, it is important that you treat them as an additional step in your marketing strategy, and not as the only resource.

Make sure that the information you upload is of high quality, with representative and flattering images of the property, and even videos and virtual tours. Bear in mind that, beyond the featured ads, on this type of website the only way you can attract attention is through an unbeatable presentation of the property.

Another tip for attracting customers from real estate portals is a strategy of transparency and absolute efficiency. Keep in mind that, in addition to competing with other professionals, there are also private listings… So you cannot miss the opportunity to make a good first impression that justifies the price of your services.


Word of mouth

Never underestimate the power of a satisfied customer to attract new customers. It is important that you approach every transaction from the perspective of an opportunity to to attract new customers. As we have mentioned, many clients doubt the usefulness of an estate agent, so with a high quality service you will be making clear the advantages of working with you.

If you feel it is appropriate, it is possible to follow a strategy that promotes these recommendations. You can, for example, offer a small discount on your fees to sellers who a friend who also wants to put their property on the market, or offer a small gift for leaving a positive review on your Google Reviews page. Although these are just a few ideas, if you keep your potential client in mind, you are sure to come up with many more.

By putting these real estate marketing techniques into action you will be being proactive with your business, and you will start attracting those profiles you are interested in. Remember if you want to stand out, instead of waiting for them to come to you, you should go out and look for them.


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