In his recent interview, Carlos Rentalo talks to Araceli Gavira about her luxury real estate agency SotoHouses, and the process of digitalization that is has undergone, most recently using Floorfy’s software.


Who is Araceli Gavira?

Araceli Gavira is a real estate agent from Sotogrante, where she has her own successful agency, SotoHouses. She has dedicated her entire life to the real estate industry, which she is passionate about. For her, family is very important, and she describes how the digitalization of her business has meant that she is able to spend more time with her children.

Indeed, for her, the digital changes in the real estate sector are completely positive. Rather than losing the ‘essence’ of the sector, it has resulted in a significant optimization of her time’. Now, she can spend this time doing other things, both professional and personal.

Why did she choose to digitalize?

Initially, Araceli realised that her customers were not waiting to arrive in Sotogrande – the decision-making process started beforehand, through online searches. Furthermore, she noted that whilst she had an office, she spent very little time there.

For her, these changes where a sign of what was to come, and she started the digitalization process a few years ago, investing in SotoHouse’s SEO, website and social media.

Thanks to her innovative attitude, Araceli had started the process of digitalization long before the pandemic. And with these innovations, she was prepared for the changes in the way of operating that COVID-19 brought.

How has Floorfy’s software helped in this process?

In the interview, Araceli speaks about the importance of trust in the luxury sector, where the majority of customers don’t know Sotogrande before they arrive. For her, the process is not about buying a property, but choosing a place and lifestyle. Therefore, it is essential that she understands her clients’ needs, and builds a relationship with them.

Thanks to Floorfy’s software, this can happen even before they arrive in Sotogrande. In the words of Araceli, ‘meeting Floorfy was a spectacular change’, offering a service that ‘I had been waiting for a long time for’.

Now, Araceli can filter multiple properties before her arrival, with virtual tours and video-calls in 360 degrees, from her phone or laptop. Araceli goes around explaining features and details as if it was an in-person visit, and she can go at the rhythm of each client.

For this reason, the software helps her to do the invisible work’ before her clients visit a property, working to understand their needs and likes, so that the first house they visit in person is perfect. In fact, thanks to Floorfy’s realistic software, Araceli has even sold some properties without doing a physical visit.

The digital future of the real estate sector  In her own words, the digital changes that Araceli has adopted with Floorfy, are here to stay’. They have enabled the more effective management of her time, whilst she continues offering a transparent and personal service to all her customers


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