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Alberto Conesa Interview

This week we interview Alberto Conesa, CEO of Branding Center,  and our brand ambassador. Up until now, Alberto has worked with more than 700 estate agencies in Spain and America, carrying out training, conferences, and private mentoring all over the world, for real estate businesses and professionals.

Branding Center is a business dedicated to real estate training, offering real estate agents the necessary knowledge to give a boost to their business, and grow professionally. Like us, Alberto is a tech enthusiast, and he is official trainer for Facebook in their European project, ‘Progresa DigitalMente’, which aims for people to grow in confidence in a digital economy.

With his extensive experience in this field, Alberto is well positioned to share his wisdom about the real estate sector. Today, he talks to us about his observations of how the real estate sector has changed since the pandemic, and his predictions for 2021.


FLOORFY: Hey Alberto! To begin, tell us a bit about you and how you came to the real estate sector.

Well! I started out as an agent very young and I wish I had had tools as powerful as Floorfy to carry out visits. After 2 years, I started giving training in Spain and the US for professionals.

6 years ago I was called by a real estate agency, I gave them training and I have not stopped since. Now I have several service companies in the real estate sector in Spain, and I am happy to be able to add value and we were even awarded a European prize in Technology and Innovation by the AEITI.

FLOORFY: On a personal level, what are you most passionate about in the real estate sector?

I think it is an exciting sector full of possibilities. It is also a ‘luxury’ sector, where if you focus on helping lots of families, you can earn a lot of money and have a great lifestyle. However it’s not an easy sector, it is tremendously emotional and you have to prepare yourself well with a continuous learner’s mentality.

FLOORFY: What do you like least about your job?

Meeting people with no soul. I am a fan of making friends with good people, and I don’t like to have clients, instead in my company we have friends who we help to make more money and live happier and calmer lives.

FLOORFY: Do you think the real estate sector, in general, has managed to overcome the problems presented by the pandemic?

Of course it has. Crises are good for people that are prepared for it. All my friends (clients) have increased their turnover in pandemics. You don’t have to be afraid of crises, you have to be afraid of not being prepared.

FLOORFY: And tell us how you met Floofy. What aspects of PropTech attracted you?

Social media is a very active force, and it was here where I met Floorfy. We had a discussion and I saw that it would be a huge possibility to bring added value to my clients. I believe that in 2021, the ruling force is speed and quality. In this case, Floorfy brings this speed in bringing the client closer, with an intimate exclusivity that I had not seen before with virtual tours. I loved it, and here we are!

FLOORFY: What is your perspective on the future of the real estate sector?

The BrandingCenter (Advanced Real Estate Training) team and I are obsessed with reaching out to everyone with our value offerings, and I believe that the real estate sector must take a very digital direction.

The digital doesn’t separate, it brings us closer. It’s time to leverage technology to take agencies to the next level. Let’s make the industry even more professional with world-class tools.


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