In this week’s interview, we talk to Ivan Gomariz Garcia, the founder of Imagen Inmobiliaria, a business that has worked with countless real estate agencies and agents, to improve their marketing and boost their sales. His services include social media management, generation of blog content and email marketing campaigns.

At just 22 years old, Ivan decided to start up his own business after finishing his studies in marketing and advertising. With family in the sector, and a passion for the real estate market, he created Imagen Inmobiliaria, with the goal of helping all those real estate businesses and agents that want to be in the digital world.

Today we talk to Ivan about his reflections on his own career, his thoughts on the future of real estate, and his experience of proptech.


Hello Ivan, to begin with, tell us a bit about how you came to the real estate sector and your current position.

Since I was very young, a large part of my family has been dedicated to the real estate sector, however, I didn’t gain interest until I finished my studies in marketing and advertising and decided to start my internship. I started at InmovipSelection, where my family works. During the course of this internship, I became more and more interested in the world of real estate, I started to research the competition, how they work, what actions they were taking and I started investigating more and more, until I came to the following conclusion: the majority of real estate agencies neglect their image and their marketing activities, losing many opportunities.

After finishing my internship, I stayed for a while working in the business and finally I decided to start up my own thing. I created my Instagram account Imagen Inmobiliaria and I started to create free content for real estate agencies and consultants, with the goal that they use all the possible tools for digital marketing, I talked about, I continue to talk and I will keep talking about topics like: how to improve property photographs, how to create a good marketing strategy, how to use IG to attract clients, how to create a good personal brand, how to use the latest technology in the sector, etc.

As a result of everything I published, and thanks to the support I received and still receive from the Instagram community, I am currently working as a marketing consultant for real estate agencies and advisors, I make photo reports and virtual tours, create audiovisual content and give advice on Real Estate Marketing. So I also take this opportunity to send a big hug and a million thanks to all of you who have supported me.

In your opinion, what are the challenges facing the real estate market in Spain in the next few years?

Broadly speaking, and speaking specifically about real estate marketing, the great challenge I see will be to adapt correctly and quickly to all the technological innovations that are to come in the next few years.

I also hope that all estate agencies and agents will carry out as many marketing actions possible, this will lead to new ideas to to stand out from the competition and the real estate sector will become even more innovative.

How have the demands of your clients at Imagen Inmobiliaria changed since the pandemic?

Everything increased in the wake of the pandemic and the fact that the majority of agents and estate agencies were locked down, or had restrictions in doing their job properly, they started to become interested in how they could manage to do everything they have previously been doing, through their phone or computer. And there I was, explaining through my account: how they could make themselves known, how they could reach their city’s  clients, how they could have a good image in the digital world… Of all the consequences that this pandemic has brought, if we look at the positive side, it has been an eye-opener for us, to see that the real estate world was not properly digitalised.

In your opinion, what is there left to do to modernise the real estate sector?

In my opinion, we have yet to fully implement professional photographic reports, to carry out virtual tours and to accompany them with good advertising. I think these 3 moves should be basically obligatory for any estate agency.

On top of this, home staging, audiovisual content and Internet advertising should start to be implemented more. Techniques that are being applied little by little by have an incredible potential, but as humans we are always afraid of change…

And tell us how you met Floorfy. What aspects of Proptech appeal to you?

I met Floorfy through social media, many agents and agencies started to use it and spoke highly of its results. Obviously I also wanted to offer the best service and Floorfy offered me that so I started using it as well. SPOILER: the results are more than amazing.

With regards to the aspects of Proptech, I think everything they offer is fantastic, the simplicity, speed, personalisation, service.

But I’ll stick with my two favourites:

- The first is the possibility of carrying out a virtual tour by video call with the person that’s interested in the property, this allows you to use a digital tool to humanise the tour, as you will also be interacting in it. I always talk about how it’s great to go digital, but always humanising everything you do.

- The second is the potential for personalisation, Floorfy sets up the tour for you, but you can login and personalise it, as well as add photographs and texts so that when someone visits the tour it is more interactive and has more information about the property. This makes your tours unique and provides even more value to your customers.


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