Today, we interview Maite Rodríguez Muñoz from Sukasa Inmobiliaria, a real estate agency based in the Basque Country, with properties for sale or rental.

The agency is focussed on offering a transparent and professional services to all its clients. It also aims to differentiate itself from the competition by specialising in Home Staging services, preparing a property so that it looks good in the photos uploaded to its real estate

portal. It continues to look for new ways to innovate with the latest technology, adapting to the demands of its clients and with our virtual tours, this is what it has achieved.

With a wealth of work experience, in the interview Maite talks about her career so far, her experience using our software and her plans for the future.


Hello, Maite. To begin with, why did you decide to join Sukasa Inmobiliaria?

Well, I didn’t join Sukasa Inmobiliaria, but I created it with a lot of dedication and effort , in which I continue to learn. The beginning was difficult, but to implement in the company the newest and best services on the market, such as virtual tours, it has been clear to me from the first minute that it has been worth it.

And tell us a bit about how you arrived at where you are now?

I started in the world of real estate 2 years and half ago. I had been a supervisor in the north of Spain managing sales teams, negotiations, new openings, interior design and all that. My training got me interested in the real estate world that had always caught my attention. I carried out a market study and I decided to start my own business.

What do you like most about your job?

For me, there are 2 nicest parts:

  1. When you carry out the entire project of launching and setting up the property with home staging, virtual tours… Then, when you send the clients the finished project, they see it, love it and get excited about it. Also, when we a buyer tells us that they know the house by heart, thanks to the virtual tour.
  2. The other most beautiful part is the signing and handing over of the keys in front of the notary, and you see the happy faces of your clients. I always say that I work with people, not with properties, and it is the most important purchase in a person’s life.

The pandemic has meant we have all have to adapt our way of working. Bearing this in mind, what would you change in your work routine?

Nothing, clients have adapted very well, we follow the COVID protocol and that’s it, this we way we can continue to work normally and at the same time with caution.

At what point and why did you decide to adopt Floorfy’s software? How have you found it?

Before creating my business, I did a lot of research, as I said I carried out a market study and the first thing I noticed was the need to work with this type of tools. That is why since Sukasa Inmobiliaria was created, I have been working with Floorfy’s software, besides the fact that whenever I need it, the support is immediate and effective.

Looking to the future, do you think the pandemic has led to permanent changes in the real estate sector?

No, my company has a young, qualified and up to date dynamic and therefore, since we opened Sukasa Inmobiliaria, we have worked with all the latest tools in the sector and we will continue to do so in the same way.


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