What is personal branding in the real estate sector? If you still do not know the answer to this and have yet to elaborate your own personal branding, you are missing out on brilliant opportunities. In the same way one relies on a known, reputable company when buying any consumer good, associating your brand with intangible aspects will help boost both buyers and sellers’ trust in your company. Consequently, you will close more and more major deals each time.



1.What is personal branding in the real estate sector?

2.Advantages of personal branding in real estate

3.Steps to creating a personal brand

4.How to develop a value proposition?

5.Valuable help from real estate coaching

What is personal branding in the real estate sector? 

Let’s go back to the example of consumer brands so we can wrap our heads around how our relationship with them works and in what way they can make you a more competitive enterprise. You are sure to have preferences in the various products that you buy regularly believing that they are the best in their field. You are either a fan of Coca Cola or Pepsi, Samsung or Apple, Colacao or Nesquik. 

All these preferences are associated with a brand and, although you may have more or less objective reasons for it, you cannot ignore the values that it reflects and with which you identify. One has but to observe its advertising to realise that, in most circumstances, it is not the product that is described but intangible values such as family, friendship, fun and adventure…these subjective aspects are what draws you to connect and relate to them. 

Well, the exact same logic applies to personal branding within the real estate sector. Instead of hiding behind the name of your company, you are going to have to face the music and transmit values such as customer proximity, reliability and efficiency, which will help you connect to your customer on a deeper level. It is the fact that although trust is important in whichever economic transaction, in large financial operations, like real estate purchases, it is fundamental that the client believes in you and your company.  

Advantages of personal branding in real estate 

But the benefits of personal branding in real estate go further than simply ties and relationships with clients. In a saturated market, where buyers and sellers can reach agreements online and close deals without intermediaries, bringing additional assets to the game is crucial in order to survive. 

Today it is easy to access information and communicate with owners and buyers but one thing that technology cannot replace is the human factor. For this reason, understanding what additional asset you bring and telling your clients about it through personal branding will ensure that they will ask for your help before exploring other alternatives and, even other estate agents. 

Furthermore, as time goes by your name will gain a reputation and become a symbol of trust. You will be able to use it as a guarantee of satisfaction and it will come to define a certain kind of experience.

Steps to creating a personal brand

If this is all important to you, it is time to get to work and start creating your own personal brand. To do this we advise you to follow the next steps.

Study your company and your competence 

Before throwing yourself into the deep end and making decisions, it is good to fall back on high-quality information. We advise you to thoroughly analyse your trajectory and identify which are your strengths, study the sales you have made, the experiences you’ve had with clients and the type of feedback you’ve received…

On the other hand, you need to recognise what others are doing. To do this you need to confirm which attributes you have that are successful and which trends there are in the sector, etc. 

2. Discover what makes you special

Now that you know the situation you find yourself in , it is time to make decisions. Choose how you wish to position yourself and which of your attributes you believe best communicate your added value. With all this information, you will be prepared to create a value proposition. 

How to develop a value proposition? 

When you ask yourself, ‘how do I develop a value proposition?‘, you must take into account that you need to find aspects that are of value to the client and that, at the same time, set you apart from your competitors. To achieve this, do the following.

- Identify what makes you special. It could be something as simple as having a superior understanding of what clients look for in a property or being good at selling homes that need renovating because you are capable of fully transmitting their potencial. For these attributes to be acceptable they must be exclusively yours, things that cannot be found amongst the competition or on an online portal.
- Create a strategy in which you transmit this attribute to your clients. Find out which social media platforms they are most active on, how they communicate, what they care about…talk to them in their own language and on the platforms where they interact the most. That way your message will be heard with great ease.


Valuable help from real estate coaching

If this all proves too complicated, or you feel that you need professional help to decide on your strengths and opportunities, working with a real estate coaching service is the solution. They will help you identify what makes you different and teach you how to take advantage of it. Not all of us know how to view our qualities from a commercial perspective.

Alongside professionals like Carlos Rentalo you will have a structured way of working. Also, if they are specialised in the real estate sector they can give you a realistic overview of the state of the sector. On the other hand, they will use their experience to help create a personal marketing plan in which the product being sold will be you. 

The truth is that in a world where all of us share our lives on social media, all of us have our own personal brand. Using it in favour of your professional trajectory is an intelligent move to connect to your client on a deeper level. And directing these efforts with the help of a coach will help you see yourself with more objectivity, instead of from a subjective angle. Beyond your personal branding, getting to know yourself better will allow you to discover your potential. This will be reflected from day to day and in the results you find. 

Now we have answered the question that is going through your head, ‘what is personal branding in the real estate sector?‘, all that there is left for you to do is to get to work and start developing it. What are you waiting for? 


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