Thanks to its positive results, video marketing in real estate is becoming one of the most popular sales techniques in the sector. It is a tool that not only increases your audience’s interaction with the content, but also allows you to add value through things as important as a close relationship to your audience, trust and impact.

Types of videos

Depending on your content marketing strategy, you can use different formats and strategies to work for different purposes. This audio-visual format accounts for about 80% of Internet traffic, so, as you can imagine, you have a wide range of audiences and concepts to deal with.

Shorter-length videos for social media

This format is very popular on platforms such as TikTok or Instagram, where the customer spends hours scrolling to find content of interest to them. In this case, you need to make videos that are only a few seconds long and that have a lot of hooks from the very first moment. Go for very visual environments, and get straight to the point.

Videos for inbound marketing

Use this if you want to build a relationship with your audience through information that adds value. Just like in the previous category where you should be clear and concise, in this it is important you explain things well and look for a relevant topic for the client.  On the other hand, you should also be clear about your value proposition as a business, and try to make it clear at all times.

Videos showing properties in your portfolio

This system can be a good tool for the clients to get an idea of a property before visiting it. In a situation like the present, where we are minimizing our contact with other people, it will help you to pass through the necessary filters before the visit. Mind you, you must take care of all the production details as if you were showing the flat in person, and show its features clearly.

Success stories

For this format, you are going to need to the collaboration of your clients. The goal will be to include interviews in which they talk about what their experience has been working with you, and making clear the benefits of your services in comparison with the rest. It’s important that you only use this type of video once in a while, as if you use them excessively you will lose credibility.

Your YouTube channel as a positioning tool

Having a YouTube channel is a good strategy for positioning yourself as a leader in opinion in your sector and generating an organic audience. You will be searched for when someone wants to learn about a topic, or has doubts about something related to the sector. To be successful, you need to opt for an inbound marketing format, as well as create a content strategy that adds value and doesn’t focus exclusively on sales.

If you gain a loyal following and are consistent with the information you upload, you will have succeeded in demonstrating that working with you is much more beneficial than the online sales tools any individual can use. Remember that users of this platform are critical when a channel is exclusively commercially oriented, so focus most of what you upload on information that demonstrates your experience and knowledge in the sector.

You can make tutorials where you explain the value of home staging, or informative spaces in which you give advice about how to calculate a mortgage, or what financial businesses offer the best conditions.  You can also dabble in, from time to time, videos in which you show some of the properties in your portfolio, your corporate events or the success stories of some of your clients.

360° videos

As we have mentioned briefly before, we are in a situation where, before a client is encouraged to visit a property in person, they must be quite clear that it has the potential to be their final choice. And, although the pandemic has accentuated this trend, what is certain is it already existed latently beforehand.

This makes sense if we consider that the ability to access information, and the quality of this information are becoming increasingly high. Thanks to the videos with 360° visits, you are providing the option of taking an intermediate step, creating an experience and generating a visual impact without needed to them physically draw them to the property.

If you want to manage this strategy to an expert level, don’t show all the rooms, instead show only a selection and make sure your viewers are left wanting more. You can include areas such as the bedrooms, the living room or a bathroom, and encourage interested parties to contact you for the full tour.

Advice for a video marketing strategy

As well as having a strategy that works for achieving your goals, it’s also fundamental that you take care of the quality with which you present yourself to the public. Just as you wouldn’t present yourself in a meeting or visit in just any old way, you won’t create a good first impression with content that isn’t well crafted.

For this reason, and apart from creating a calendar with what ideas you’re going to upload on the web, it’s important you having a system of work. These tips will help you.

- Create a concise script with relevant and interesting information. Any detours will not carry across your professionalism and effectiveness in the way you want.
- Work on a close, positive and pleasant tone of communication. Don’t forget that you are trying to convey closeness and create a relationship of trust with your audience.
- Adapt the format and editing to your audience. Make sure that the videos can be played on mobile devices and that they are understandable without audio. Many users will play them without sound, so make self-explanatory visuals or use text and subtitles.
- Take care of all the details. Make sure that you use optimal quality and resolution, that the spaces you show are clean and the information that you are presenting is of interest.

Now you know some of the secrets for incorporating real estate video marketing into your online strategy, all you have to do now is get down to work. Remember that in order to achieve the best possible strategy, you must combine content with visual quality!


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