1. Introduction

2. What can we do to speed up the sales process in a real estate agency?

3. What can we do to make our teams more proactive?

1. Introduction

For a few years now, the property market, once one of the great economic muscles of our society, has been revived. Gradually but steadily, we see that the purchase and sale of real estate is becoming more and more important. With more and more properties on the market it is crucial that we work to speed up sales. Much more so if we talk about selling properties in large cities such as Madrid and Barcelona.

Similarly, we are witnessing the emergence of new businesses related to this sector: APIs which are new real estate agencies that are opening in the neighbourhoods operating closely to listed properties as well as construction companies launching new promotions.

As in any other business, real estate companies, whether small or large national corporations, base their success on having good properties in their portfolio and improving the experience of their clients, something that they cannot ignore or mislead under any circumstances. That is why it is just as important that the available properties leave the portfolio as many others enter with the prospect of securing a quick sale.

But there is one issue that is almost as important and which traditionally the companies in the sector almost never enter into in depth, only those most concerned with excellence, and that is the commercial training of their teams to speed up property acquisition. The number of transactions per month depends on the ability of our sales staff to transmit the benefits of the product. Is your agency one of those involved in offering the best to its clients? Below we offer you a series of techniques to speed up sales that will help you in the process.


2. What can we do to speed up the sales process in a real estate agency?

Real estate is a reactive sector in which we hope that potential clients will become interested in our portfolio of premises and flats, hence the first step is to have a good number of these and that they respond to different types of clients.

To do this, the sales team has to use certain techniques to attract real estate. They must proactively get involved in both sides of the process, both with those who want to sell and do not know which real estate agency to use, and by contacting potential clients from time to time, announcing new developments, price changes or proposing new visits at different times of the day. There are many possibilities, tools and techniques to speed up sales in both directions.

As far as the acquisition of properties is concerned, in order to show them, it is also necessary to be dynamic and get to know the area of action, the neighbourhood and the surroundings, looking for interesting possibilities that can be transferred. There are even properties for which, without a need to sell, there can be a transaction if enough interest is generated.

And how can this benefit us? Basically, it allows us to differentiate ourselves from the competition, insofar as those who are interested in selling know that there are a large number of agencies willing to do so. Those with the best tools to support the sale of properties will be the ones with the greatest possibilities of showing a greater interest in keeping the property in their portfolio for as short a time as possible.


3. What can we do to make our teams more proactive?

Encouraging them to get a database: one of the first actions to achieve more success is to accumulate a large database, but not just any stagnant database, where the data is not updated. The database has to be dynamic, with first-hand information from potential buyers or sellers and we have to use all the resources available to us. In this case, innovation is going to guarantee success and will speed up sales.

If we emphasise that our team looks after clients, we will be able to make phone calls, to arrange appointments and to keep our clients informed, increasing overall interest in the agency . That is why it is convenient to link some kind of bonus to the creation of a good-quality database and to encourage its constant revision.

If we see, for example, that a property cannot be found on the market, we should try to improve its visibility, as could be the case with a virtual 360º tour that allows users to discover every detail of what could make it their ideal property.

Promote an increase in the number of calls: the sales team has to make calls. And they have to make calls that really have some kind of validity, trying to link offers and demands that really match. We must never forget that the work of an agent is not only to show properties and that , if time is saved in this task, it can be dedicated to other even more productive tasks such as those indicated in this section.

Correctly knowing the virtues of our properties: Do you really know what the highlights of each house are, of each premise? It is necessary to make an exercise of really knowing our portfolio. It takes time to visit each flat, to learn its characteristics, but in the end the image given to the client is much better than that of being unaware.

For this last point, at an internal level, the virtual tours of real estate properties offer another utility beyond the advantages of the user not having to move, since it also serves as a database so that our agents can visit each room when they want and how they want.


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