Tips for real estate photography equipment

Whether you are thinking of pursuing a career or are already an expert in the real estate sector, today we want to introduce you and advise you on which basic equipment is needed and most recommended for real estate photography according to your needs.

There is no one, set way of photographing a property but it is always good to consider the different options and have a starting point, especially when you have decided to make an investment of this magnitude.

Here are some tips on real estate photography, which will surely be useful in your work as a real estate photographer or as the person responsible for this task within your company.

Tips on real estate photography: resources for taking better photos

Automatic control models

You may have heard of reflex cameras because of the quality they offer. There are several models to choose from, but for beginners, acquiring a compact model with automatic mode will be enough to take decent shots. With the automatic mode, the camera itself optimizes aspects such as light, flash, aperture, etc. without you having to touch anything but the power button. It’s the ideal component for users who are just starting out in the world of photography!

Camera with manual controls

If you have more experience in photography you can already opt for something more sophisticated. These manual cameras allow you to solve lighting issues that arise when photographing interiors. They also have interchangeable lenses, which allow you to alternate between a wide-angle lens (useful for photographing small interiors) and a standard focal length lens (the most suitable for taking detailed and ambient photographs).

Tripods and other accessories

Another essential accessory in real estate photography is the tripod. It allows us to fix the camera and take photos standing up with the guarantee that we won’t have to depend on our balance to make them stable. There are compact ones that are considered more popular although, as a rule, the heavier they are, the more sophisticated they are. They have a head or swivel (the upper part of the tripod where the camera is fixed) and a ball that allows the camera to be levelled on all axes.

There are also small accessories that increase its efficiency such as a wireless shutter releases, remote shutter releases, extra battery and memory card, polarizing filters, cleaning kits and flash. All these elements make the images appear clearer, more colourful and without shadows showing up. It is ideal for selling or renting a property more easily, taking into account how important the first impression is in the sector.

360º cameras for real estate photography

If you want your real estate agency to be a reference, incorporate this solution in your portfolio. Through Floorfy, we help you to get the most out of a 360-degree camera, to obtain a much more complete view of the property and to provide a new perspective to the potential buyer. These cameras can be used by any member of the agency without depending on professional photographers.

RICOH has recently positioned itself as a leader in the field of 360-degree cameras for real estate. With this type of camera, we can also create virtual tours that help us save time and money on physical viewings and transfers.

If you are looking for a camera with results to improve your agency’s photography quality and allow you not only to save costs but also to optimize resources, the 360 degree cameras are the perfect addition to your business!


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