The value proposition for real estate is a key element in your strategy to attract clients and differentiate yourself from the competition. Only with a clear message and a well-informed client will you manage to stand out in a saturated market, where professional agents are confused with amateurs and even with private individuals who carry out transactions on their own.

What is a value proposition and what are its characteristics?

In the same way that consumers choose to wear a specific brand because of how it makes them feel or buy products on Amazon because they know the process will be fast and efficient, those who are going to rely on your services as a real estate agent need a reason to choose you out of all the choice available to them. That differentiating element is what is known as the value proposition.

To find what makes you unique, you don't have to look at just one area of your service, but at several aspects. If, for example, all your services are online or if you specialise in a single type of property, such as sustainable housing, your added value will highlight the type of service you offer. However, when you prioritise speed, transparency or quantity of information, your strength will focus on the experience.

In all cases, for your value proposition to work, it has to be something that the customer needs or appreciates and that they cannot find elsewhere. On the other hand, it is important that you understand it as a strategic factor of your business and that you communicate it whenever you have the opportunity, as you must see it as a fundamental part of your business identity.

Why should the value proposition be focused on the potential buyer?

We have just mentioned that it is essential that your added value relates to something that the customer needs, but just as important as knowing this detail is that you understand why. This will make it easier for you to take a critical view of the options you are considering.

When you provide a particular service, your ultimate goal is to get interested customers to pay you for it. That's why their needs and views should always be at the centre of your strategy. Go for solutions to the real estate challenges that exist now or innovate with services that make the buying and selling process much quicker and easier.

If your clients are not able to understand how your value proposition benefits them, your 
communication will be diluted in a saturated real estate market. You need to get them out of the mindset "I can do that myself for free" attitude and attract their attention by making it clear how their life will be easier if they hire your services.

Finally, trust is the foundation of any relationship. You need your message to be clear and credible. It doesn't matter if you can sell your client's house in a week, if they don't believe you can do it, then the believe you can do it, communication about your value proposition will be completely ineffective. 

How to make a value proposition?

As you can see, choosing what makes you different from others is not something simple or something you should do in a matter of seconds. It is important that you sit down and think about how your real estate company really works and who your typical client is. These two details will make it much easier for you to identify the real needs and wants you are trying to satisfy in your work.

Do the sellers compliment you on the agility of working with you? Do you receive compliments on the quantity and quality of information you provide to interested parties before they buy a house? Do your competitors try to copy the technology you use to show properties online? Do you have a particular ability to find real estate? All of these potential attributes meet two conditions: they address real customer needs and they are easy to understand.

Once you've identified all these points, it's time to start drafting them for use in your website, social media bio and other communications both physical and virtual. Find a phrase that will serve as your headline and, in a few words, is able to capture why you are different from other real estate agencies. Then, if necessary, use another sentence to help you contextualise the first one.

If, for example, thanks to the way you work, customers can buy their properties without having to travel, your value proposition could read: "Buy your home without leaving your home. Thanks to our technology, you will be able to view the properties remotely in full detail".

Examples of value proposition

If you are still not sure how to create a value proposition that makes your real estate agency stand out from the rest, we advise you to take a look at the competition. Knowing how they communicate and knowing the type of service they provide, you will be able to establish parallels with your reality. These are some of the examples that we have found most interesting.


This Latin American proptech uses technology and algorithms to help its users find what they are looking for more quickly and improve their level of satisfaction. That is why they have chosen as a phrase to communicate their value proposition: "The new way to sell your property". With this they manage to underline their main strength: innovation.


This real estate agency is one of the most established companies in the sector. Its background has allowed this Catalan company to be a benchmark and, moreover, serves as a satisfaction guarentee. That is why, as a headline to reflect their value proposition, they have chosen: "Forcadell, trustworthy value since 1958".

Now that you know why a value proposition is important for real estate agencies and how to create it, you just have to get down to work and choose yours. Choose attributes that differentiate you from your competitors and are of value to customers. In this way, you will achieve a unique brand positioning.


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