It is increasingly common to see properties being showcased using virtual reality. We believe that in a short time the photos that appear on the portals will make history and mark a new era in which the virtual real estate visit will appear as an essential requirement for the sale of a property or real estate.

A modern, developing company that is committed to technological innovation generates trust in a client that traverses the busy and competitive real estate market.

In this capsule we explain why an agency should implement virtual real estate visitations of its properties:


1. Put your client at the centre of everything you do

2. Don’t get left behind

3. Capture more properties

4. Don’t waste time (or money)

5. Grant constant public access to your properties 24 hours a day, every day, from all over the world

6. VR is a practical and adaptable technological tool

1. Put your client at the centre of everything you do

Technology makes our clients change their habits and expectations. Failure to meet their needs could put your agency in jeopardy. Virtual tours display your properties in a reliable way, giving much more information than traditional tours and avoiding wasted time for your clients. They can also visit different properties in just a few minutes. 

Every day our clients get more and more used to making real estate visits comfortably from their homes and at the times that best suit them, making decisions in a more comfortable and relaxed way.

The virtual real estate visit is going from being an “add-on” to the services of an estate agent to a real consumer need.

2. Don’t get left behind

Compared to our competition, virtual tours also make a difference. When an agency shows its real estate portfolio with virtual tours through its website, it gives more confidence to a client who is increasingly technologically awareand who is about to trust us to make the most important purchase of their life.

An agency that bets on technology is committed to the satisfaction of its client.

3. Capture more properties

Virtual tours not only attract attention, build trust and make a difference with other competitors, but they also make your way of working and your image your best strategy to capture new properties.

An image of credibility will be created among your sellers having appreciated the effort placed into an ultimately successful task and making them satisfied with your real estate involvement.

4. Don’t waste time (or money)

How much time have your agents and your clients wasted with unnecessary visits?

By creating virtual tours for your properties, potential buyers will make visits from their homes, discarding properties that are not to their liking, notably eliminating the number of unproductive face-to-face visits, resulting in very significant savings in personnel and transportation expenses.

You will sell more and with fewer resources wasted thanks to offering virtual tours that allow the final customer to make an initial screening of the properties from the comforts of their own home. 

5. Your properties will be open to the public 24 hours a day, every day, from all over the world

It is no longer necessary for your clients to be around or to free up their agenda since they can visit your properties from anywhere in the world and at any time. Could there be a more convincing selling point than this?

6. It is an accessible technology

A few years ago, offering this service to your clients could have cost you thousands of pounds and a staff of experts, but today companies like FLOORFY allow you to create virtual tours in a simple and inexpensive way. 

With a 360°camera and Floorfy’s tour editor you can do it yourselves, with a professional team that will assist you at any time during the tour creation process.

Ultimately, the world evolves and, inevitably, people do too. In an era in which technology and the digitization of businesses are increasingly present, companies must adapt to the changing needs of their customers to maintain their loyalty and trust in your agency.

Image from Austin Distel via Unsplash


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