Partnership: SBInmo and Floorfy

The real estate software developers SBInmo have signed a strategic alliance with Floorfy, thanks to which they will be able to improve the quality of their product and the satisfaction of their users. Since they work with corporate clients, they must...

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Real estate virtual Home Staging

Differentiate your real estate agency from the competition and give clients a positive first impression of your properties, all through Floorfy’s virtual home staging software.

Differentiate your real estate agency from the competition and give clients a positive first impression of your properties, all through Floorfy’s virtual home staging software.

What is virtual Home Staging?

Home staging is one of the latest innovations in real estate technology, allowing clients to walk through their dream home without leaving the comfort of their living room.

This state-of-the-art software virtually refurbishes and decorates vacant or unfinished properties, making them more attractive for potential buyers. Using this virtual reality technology, clients can envision how a house would feel once finished, adding furniture, colour and texture to a property’s interior.

This added finish to a property can be enjoyed through Floorfy’s virtual tour feature, simulating a physical viewing of a house as if it were the finished product, presented exactly how clients would like it.

Why do we use virtual Home Staging?

There are numerous benefits to Home Staging for a real estate agent, investor or builder:

- Market properties that are empty or under renovation. When a property is empty or under renovation, there are often worries it will not be sold as quickly, since it is harder to envision the finished interior. If a property appears empty, too small or unfinished in photos, home staging can demonstrate its depth, openness and its unique qualities.
- Personalize to your clients’ taste. Clients can arrange for the property to be designed to their taste, presenting them with their dream house.
- Save money and time. As opposed to having to invest in the physical furniture and improvements that traditional home staging requires, virtual home staging is much more cost-effective.
- Speed up the sales process. As a client can view a property before it is finished, they are more likely to make offers early, reducing the time a property is listed for.
- Increase buyer interest. Home-staging increases the number of potential buyers significantly, creating more interest and increasing the likelihood of clients making higher offers.
- Conduct remote viewings. Home Staging ensures clients or brokers do not have to leave their homes, especially during mobility restrictions. Instead, they can view a property virtually, through a video tour or call.

How does virtual Home Staging work?

In order to ‘home stage’ a property, our team add virtual decorations, such as furniture, colour and texture to a property, so it appears as if it were complete.

The process is simple: once the Floorfy team have generated your virtual tour of your property, from 360° photographs or sometimes just a floorplan, they can digitally incorporate home staging. This will drastically cut costs and save time for your estate agency.

If you are a real estate broker or homeowner and wish to learn more about how we can home stage a property for you, don’t hesitate in getting in contact with us at


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