Floorfy launches to USA Market!

Floorfy expands to USA market We are pleased to announce our further expansion to USA, as part of our global expansion, with our newest member Gabriella Martin. We are so excited to grow further and Gabriella is playing a key role in sharing our  inn...

Virtual Reality in your business. Internet companies and more advice

Virtual Reality in your business. Internet companies and more advice. The era of technology is here to stay and for this reason we have all had to adapt to it. If your company still hasn't adapted to this new age, wait no more, take a look at interne...

Virtual Reality in your business. Internet companies and more advice.

The era of technology is here to stay and for this reason we have all had to adapt to it. If your company still hasn't adapted to this new age, wait no more, take a look at internet companies to find out what you have to do.

Out of many new technologies that have surged, you'll find that virtual reality, one that is being used in different companies around the world and is closely related to web 3.0.

3D Virtual Tours and video calls: the new proposals of internet companies

Virtual tours are a resource provided by internet companies, allowing to save as much time as money. Given that theres no need to make unnecessary journeys. It's a technology that we are only beginning to take advantage.

The real estate sector is one that benefits the most from this tool, as they allow:

Make yourself stand out. By making use of the latest technological advances, Google will reward you by placing you higher in search results, a great advantage for your company. Virtual tours generate more confidence with the users as they can see everything in real time and give your company a more innovative image.

Physical and time schedule limits don't exist. By implementing virtual tours in your company, potential clients can visit properties at whatever time of day, any day of the year. They are free to do so from any of their devices (mobile, tablet or PC) in which place they find themselves in. These tours also don't limit the clients, they can spend as much time as they want visiting every corner of the property.

Saving of time. Without a doubt tours allows your clients but also yourself to save valuable time. You'll also save money on fuel by avoiding the need to travel to visit the property.

virtual tours overview

Through the software platform Floorfy, real estate companies can take advantage of creating virtual tours of properties, automatically. At the same time, Floorfy generates many other valuable resources which you can see listed below:

Generate virtual tours automatically. These are accessible to anyone interested in acquiring the property.

Automatically produce 2D floor plans. These plans show the clients a view of the property from above, allowing them to appreciate how the property is distributed.

Live visits through video calls. Through the video calls, clients are able to enjoy an accompanied visit. This feature has been very well received from of the moment of its launch in April 2021. 

HD Photographs. Making use of these photographs, allows for the listing of te property to appear more attractive. This then allows for the potential client to appreciate the main characteristics of the property better. 

Floor plans. With these to-scale diagrams, the clients have an understanding of the measurements and distribution of the property.

Offers a description of the property. By doing this tour, Floorfy provides clients with a detailed description of the property, allowing them to make the right decision.

Commercial Video.This video is played constantly during the tour. This is so that the client can appreciate, in great detail, all aspects of the property.

Move through spaces in a virtual tour

Virtual tours are simply the re-creation of a space through virtualisation, one which you can move through as if you were physically there. In order to create a virtual tour for your company, you need to do the following:

Capture the images. The first step is taking photographs of each part of the property, with a high quality 360 camera; you need to capture all of the possible angles.

Select. After taking all of the corresponding photos, the application will automatically create the virtual tour, HD photographs, automatic floor plan and commercial video.

Share. One you have everything ready, you can share everything across social media and websites. At the same time, you can schedule open houses and video calls with virtual visits. 

Recommended 360° cameras for internet tours 

360 cameras are equipped with two wide-angle lenses that allow you to take photos of the front and back of a space, simultaneously. They are designed to capture panoramic images. The two pictures that are taken are then combined to create one solo image. This is achieved through a process called stitching.

Once the process is finished, you can obtain the virtual tour so that it can be used in your company. In order to truly make the person viewing the tour feel as though they are physically there, you need to ensure the images are taken from a height of 1.7-1.8m.  

Here are some of the most recommended 360 cameras:

Ricoh Theta SC

Ricoh Theta V

Insta 360 ONE X

Samsung Gear 360

If you found this article interesting and you'd like more information on the topic, don't hesitate to go to Zona-internet.com where you'll find the internet companies that are offering the latest technologies.


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