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All-in-one virtual reality software for real estate: what is it?

INDEX: 1. Introduction


1. Introduction

2. Operation of an ‘all-in-one’ virtual reality software for real estate properties

2.1. Top technology through virtual reality software for real estate properties

2.2. Integrated management through the all-in-one format

2.3. The definitive tool for improving sales in real estate

1. Introduction

"All-in-one virtual reality software for real estate". We must admit that the name is long but if we analyse each of the parts that make up the complete name of this fundamental tool for real estate agencies in the 21st century, we will realise that it is everything we need to not only multiply sales, but also to manage them properly at the same rate of growth.

Thus, this virtual tour creator tool is much more than the best display of properties for rent or sale; it is also a complete working system that can be applied to the day-to-day running of a state-of-the-art real estate agency. To demonstrate this, as a text analysis we will unravel each of the terms of this complete software, its functions and different utilities.

2. How a virtual reality software for real estate agencies works ‘all-in-one’

2.1. Top technology through virtual reality software for real estate

It is a question of evolving and incorporating the technology of the times into our real estate agency. With this in mind, a few decades ago we stopped selling flats by advertising them in newspapers, -where only a small description accompanied the contact number and little more. We published these adverts on internet portals instead –rich in images, videos and details that gave a wide perspective of how people live in the property. What is the next step?

The next step is within our reach with the help of virtual reality software: it is no longer a question of having a wider perspective, but rather visualising how people live in the property, how space is distributed, how much light enters each room and all the small details that “push” us to want to live in a flat without even having seen it in person.

In recent years this feeling has been enhanced by the insertion of videos in the property files, but it is here that the evolutionary degree of virtual reality software is most noticeable.

While the video only shows what they want to show you and limits the interactivity to “moving the image forward or backward”, the virtual reality software for real estate allows you to decide how to take the tour replicating the visit to the property.

“The virtual reality software for real estate agencies reaches feats that video cannot reach: breaking with linearity and encouraging full interaction”

Thus, a virtual real estate tour allows you to decide whether to make the visit in a linear way (starting from the entrance of the house and following the tour as you would do in the visit in person) or visiting the rooms that are of most interest to us directly, being able to modify the tour to our liking as many times as we want and in the time we want.

Moreover, by taking the virtual tour from a 360º perspective we can repair and recreate details that the video or flat image cannot capture, achieving a comprehensive view that is almost as perfect as the one taken in real time, but done from the comfort of our mobile, laptop or desktop and at the time we want.


2.2. Integrated management through the “all-in-one” format

With this comprehensive software we have the acquisition phase perfectly implemented so that we can reach contacts interested in properties in the most optimal way. But as we know, it is not only a matter of filling the agenda of visits, but also of learning from each sale, from each interested party, to be able to make the most of all this information and to be able to apply a successful model to the rest of the catalogue.

To do so, we must not consider each action, each tool, as an isolated element that works for a specific objective. The specific objective of a real estate agency is unique and clear: to be able to sell more with the maximum satisfaction of those who sell and those who buy, and all the elements involved in this must work to facilitate this objective.

For this reason, with real estate techniques and tools, the more they allow savings in processes and time to achieve the sale, the more effective and necessary they will be.

In this sense, virtual tours for real estate agencies serve as a filter to select the visits that are really interested in all the peculiarities of the property, saving appointments and unproductive calls.

On the other hand, it registers the data through the web analytics of visitors of the virtual tours, which offer privileged information about the type of profile interested in each property.

Furthermore, all this data is integrated in the real estate CRM, making it easier to access and process this data.


2.3. The definitive tool for improving sales in the real estate sector

Thus, on the one hand we have advanced software to show the houses and the appropriate technology to incorporate all the information extracted from the property into our database. In other words, we have the possibility of improving the process of capturing and managing the property: the culminating steps of a successful sale.

Therefore, if we offer a well-trained and structured team the elements that will allow them to develop their work in better conditions, we will have all the ingredients to grow in all the pillars of the agency, which is exactly what an ‘all-in-one’ virtual reality software for real estate agencies offers us.


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