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Learn how to use Facebook for real estate agencies

Thanks to social media, you can communicate with your clients in a close and emotional way, as you will be seen by its users as something more personal to them. Below, we list the advantages of using Facebook for real estate agents. By following our ...

Thanks to social media, you can communicate with your clients in a close and emotional way, as you will be seen by its users as something more personal to them. Below, we list the advantages of using Facebook for real estate agents. By following our advice, you will be able to differentiate yourself from your competition, get to know your users better and acquire new properties. Don’t hesitate!

Social media for real estate agents

There is no doubt that, in recent years, social media has become a very important part of our daily lives. It’s estimated that we spend more than six hours a day online. And, of this time, half of it is spent on social media.

If we take a look at the ranking of these different platforms, Facebook is superior. 96% of social media users use it, and the consumer habits within the network make it ideal for building closer ties with your followers: the frequency of use is 7 days a week, and the average time spent on it is the longest, on average more than 4 and a half hours every week.

Another important detail, which shows that opening a business page on Facebook is a good strategy, is its demography: it has a higher concentration of adults over the age of 30. Bear in mind that, although younger users can access the real estate market, they will do so residually. Being somewhere where an older demography is concentrated will help you to become more successful in your real estate communications.

Formats and types of content

Now that we have shown you the importance of being present on Facebook, the next step is to understand fully how to best use the social network for your benefit. Remember that the users login to entertain themselves, primarily. Barraging them with exclusively promotional content will work against you, and will mean that you are wasting the opportunity to create a real connection with them. Take note of our advice about managing content.

Create a fan page, and not a profile

Although visually they are similar, fan pages offer you more freedom when it comes to positioning, publicizing and organizing your content. Another benefit is that you can arrange the information you post in a professional manner, as is expected of a business.

Don’t only share information about your business

We understand that it can be tempting to stick to only posting your portfolio of available properties, but this a mistake. Remember that your social media goal is to create links and connections with users. Share information that could be interesting to your audience, create content and use other inbound marketing techniques.

Use the marketplace

If you place your available properties on this platform, you will have a wider scope than your followers, and, also, you will reach a group genuinely interested in your product. Those who visit a buy and sell page in a defined area surely do so because they have a real interest in buying or selling properties.

Create advertising campaigns

One of the advantages of using Facebook to advertise yourself is the possibility of defining your demography with an almost surgical level of precision. As well as by age, sex or area, you can use other types of filters like interests, hobbies or pages that users follow. This considerably increases your chances of success; bear in mind that, if they are interested in your competition, they may also be interested in you.

Organize events

Here you can create, for example, announcements to show your properties available in open house. You can offer some form of incentive for attending, and afterwards uploading images of the event. This will market you as a dynamic and active sales business.

Examples of TOP real estate agencies profiles on Facebook

A good way of finding content that works inside the real estate sector is to take a look at what your competitors are doing, and look at the response they get. Some examples of groups that are doing very well, and that stand out for the professional management of their Facebook pages, are the following.


This is a very well-organized page. Instead of selling specific properties, it does posts highlighting its competitive advantages. It also posts its own videos, where it elaborates on topics related to their brand positioning. It also shares news of its sector, like information relative to mortgages, the best areas to live in a city, etc.


In this case, its inbound marketing strategy is more focussed on the corporate. It talks about its franchise system and company news. If you take a look, they link to other networks and spaces where they upload content, such as their YouTube page. It also has an events section, and the potential to discover more about its franchise.

Examples of content for Facebook

As well as corporate posts, where you can share news about your agency, and day-to-day information, you can also create content that brings value to your followers. Some examples of posts that you can upload to build engagement with your audience and better position your business are those we list below.

Create experiences for your users

With wise investment, this can be done simply. Some interesting resources are virtual visits, or interactive content. If you look for efficient methods, you don’t have to invest too much money.

Share your blog updates

With content related to your sector, but which isn’t exclusively linked to sales, you can add a lot of value. Speak about themes that educate your customers, like, for example, house decoration, the best layouts, and so on.

Launch surveys and quizzes

Remember that your goal should be to connect with your audience. This type of content will help you make sure your discourse isn’t one-way, and that your followers at times take the lead. It is an excellent way of making them feel like they’re at the center of your business.

There’s no doubt that the use of Facebook for real estate agents offers a huge opportunity. If you create an appropriate content strategy, and use the features that it offers you properly, you will succeed in building closer links with your potential customers.


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